Widow Angry Over Memorial Plans at Surfside Site: “I Can’t Imagine Such a Desecration”


Widow Angry Over Memorial Plans at Surfside Site: “I Can’t Imagine Such a Desecration”

Officials have began recommending that a permanent memorial be created to remember the dead and relatives of the disaster as the search efforts at the Champlain Towers South shift from rescue to recovery three weeks after the building suffered a partial collapse in Surfside, Fla.

Some people, however, who are still waiting for rescuers to remove their loved ones from the wreckage, are concerned about plans to construct a memorial at the collapse site.

Soirya Cohen, whose husband Brad is still missing, told WPLG, “I can’t really comprehend such a degradation.” “Imagine if it was your spouse, father, or grandparent, and they built on top of it to make money.”

Although Cohen’s brother-in-law has been identified, the body of her husband has yet to be discovered. On Monday, officials said they believe his ring and car have been located.

The widow said that having a memorial built at the location where her husband’s body may be kept would go against her husband’s intentions. She claimed he followed Jewish law to the letter and that reverence for the deceased is firmly ingrained in their beliefs.

“The halachic governing proper burial and cemeteries,” Cohen argued, “should absolutely apply to him.” “I’m asking people to respect that, as well as the families and people who have already been through so much, and not to add to our suffering.”

Cohen continued, “It’s almost like a grieving or Shiva process that goes on and on and on, but you didn’t have the funeral.” “I’m not even confident he’ll be discovered because they only found his sibling in his apartment when they searched.”

Given the tragedy of the collapse, officials announced on Tuesday that they were considering erecting a memorial on the site of the disaster. The current death toll is 95, with authorities estimating that the final total will be between 95 and 99.

On Tuesday, Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava told reporters, “We started talking about the fact that we obviously need a memorial.” “It will be determined exactly where it will be.”

More than 1,200 people have signed a Change.org petition seeking for a memorial to be created where the 13-story structure once stood.

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