Who Is the Senate Parliamentarian, and What Does He Do? Biden’s Agenda Is Being Influenced by an Unelected Official.


Who Is the Senate Parliamentarian, and What Does He Do? Biden’s Agenda Is Being Influenced by an Unelected Official.

By ruling against a Democratic bill that would offer citizenship to millions of unauthorized immigrants, the Senate parliamentarian has dealt another big setback to President Joe Biden’s program.

The immigration provision could not be included in the party’s vast $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill, which will be insulated from Republican filibusters, according to Elizabeth MacDonough on Sunday.

According to Reuters, MacDonough noted that the proposal’s “policy changes considerably surpass the fiscal impact ascribed to it, and therefore is not eligible for inclusion in reconciliation.”

The parliamentarian has now ruled against a crucial Democratic program for the second time this year. In March, MacDonough stated that a $15 minimum wage policy would not pass the trillion-dollar coronavirus relief measure proposed by Biden.

Progressives slammed the administration for dismissing MacDonough’s latest advice, stating that an unelected bureaucrat shouldn’t have the last say.

“Can anyone explain why we are handing Elizabeth MacDonough, who has not received a single vote, more power than any sitting Senator or House member to defeat the $15 minimum wage and common sense immigration policy? Representative Ro Khanna wrote on Twitter, “Overrule her.”

“An unelected individual isn’t a real obstacle to the much-needed investments we were elected to make,” Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib tweeted. Ignore this decision or ask for a new one.”

The parliamentarian advises senators on how to interpret Senate rules and norms in an impartial manner. On the advice of then-Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid, MacDonough was appointed to the office in 2012.

Phil Wallach, a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, told This website that she has a reputation for seeking to protect certain institutional traditions in the chamber rather than promoting any type of partisan goal. “As a result, she’s irritated both sides at different times.”

The parliamentarian’s decisions are solely advisory, meaning they have no legal standing and can be reversed by the presiding officer. However, such instances are extremely unusual; Vice President Nelson Rockefeller was the last person to disregard an official’s recommendation in 1975.

According to Matt Glassman, a senior fellow at Georgetown’s Governmental Affairs Institute, “what the parliamentarian does have is informal power.” “A sufficient number of senators feel the parliamentarian provides neutral advice, and they should follow that recommendation.”

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