WHITE HOUSE DOJ Liaison accused of asking staff to provide information on election fraud and other investigations


According to Heidi Stirrup, a White House liaison in the U.S. Department of Justice, it is said to be forbidden to enter the federal agency while she is working as Donald Trump’s chief ambassador between the two federal agencies.

Stirrup is accused of violating conduct protocols in connection with the ongoing Department of Justice investigation into election fraud claims and other investigations, according to an Associated Press report released Thursday afternoon. The Trump assistant is alleged to have obtained information about the ongoing Ministry investigation from employees who were privy to details of these legal actions.

According to the AP report, which was credited to a group of sources who asked to remain anonymous because of the secret nature of the subject, senior Justice Department officials prevented stirrups from returning to the building after learning of her conduct. This reportedly happened within the past two weeks as Trump’s campaign continued to maintain unsubstantiated allegations that electoral fraud was behind his loss of president-elect Joe Biden.

The news of the Justice Department’s response to Stirrup’s alleged actions came two days after Attorney General William Barr announced that federal investigations into Trump’s allegations found no evidence that the fraudulent conduct contributed to the election results.

This is an evolving story and will be updated as more information becomes available.


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