White GOP candidate for Congress tweets “I’m a black gay” and then says he is quoting “a message”.


Dean Browning, a Republican politician and former congressional candidate, spoke on Tuesday in an earlier tweet in which he described himself as a black gay man and Trump supporter.

Browning, who is white and married to a woman, said the news quoted one of his social media followers and apologized for failing to clarify this earlier.

“As for the tweet spreading from my account, I quoted a message I received from a follower earlier this week. I’m sorry if the context was not clear,” the Pennsylvania politician wrote in his last afternoon tweet. “Trump received record-breaking minority votes and record-breaking LGBTQ votes. Many people won’t say it vocally, but do it privately.”

Regarding the tweet that is spreading from my account, I quoted a message I received earlier this week from a supporter.

I’m sorry if the context was not clear.

Trump received record minority votes and record LGBTQ votes.

Many people don’t want to say it out loud, but do it in private.

– Dean Browning (@DeanBrowningPA) November 10, 2020

The former Lehigh County Commissioner and later Republican candidate for the U.S. House, who represented the 7th Congressional District of Pennsylvania, describes himself on Twitter as a “proud pro-life [and]proud pro-2A Christian conservative. The last part of his description refers to support for the Second Amendment. Browning is also a vocal supporter of President Donald Trump and serves as chairman of a right-wing political action committee called Common Sense Solutions.

Browning’s recent tweet delayed his original social media post by about five hours. During this time, several Twitter users, including reporter Jacob Rubashkin, retweeted screenshots that triggered the viral spread of the post online.

“I’m a black gay man and I can personally say that Obama has done nothing for me, my life has only changed a little and it was for the worse,” Browning’s original tweet said. “But everything is so much better under Trump. I feel respected – which I never do when it comes to Democrats.”

Dean Browning, former Lehigh County Commissioner, who apparently forgot to log in to his burner account, was about 2,500 votes away from being the GOP candidate in Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District this year. pic.twitter.com/ftiY68wae6

– Jacob Rubashkin (@JacobRubashkin) November 10, 2020

Around 16:00 ET Browning seemed to have deleted the tweet. Many suspected that the former congressional candidate had completely faked the message and falsely posted it to his official Twitter account. Other reporters were quick to point out what they thought was a fake account and noticed that a profile of someone called “Dan Purdy” was responding to Browning’s tweets fairly regularly.

The account was set up in October, and its owner has since shared more than 375 tweets, most of which were political views in favor of the trumpet. Dan Purdy described himself as a “gay black man” in a tweet responding to Browning on November 1, and repeated both identities in other tweets expressing conservative political views.

The name “Dan Purdy” and the Bitmoji image on the account’s profile photo were previously assigned to another account that blocked Twitter for violating its rules of conduct. The Bitmoji image and the name “Dan Purdy” still appeared next to the Twitter handle of the blocked account in a Google search on Tuesday afternoon.

Skepticism about Purdy’s account and his relationship with Browning quickly spread on Twitter. About an hour after Browning had spread his educational tweet, the local politician’s name was in vogue. He tweeted back a video message from Purdy, originally posted on the man’s Twitter account, in the midst of the ongoing social media conversation.

Here is a message from Dan Purdy, who decided to respond to the controversy

I wish the media would pay as much attention to the irregularities of voters in the state of Pennsylvania as they do to this Twitter story. https://t.co/8UUpC0Y8UH

– Dean Browning (@DeanBrowningPA) November 10, 2020

“Hey folks, my name is Dan Purdy and I am indeed a gay black man,” Purdy said in the video. “The message you saw on Dean’s Twitter was posted… I don’t know how it was posted, but I sent it to him because I had a problem with


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