While getting the COVID vaccine, women were sexually assaulted.


While getting the COVID vaccine, women were sexually assaulted.

Two women have accused a guy who was administering COVID-19 vaccines at a Kroger store in Michigan of sexually abusing them while they were getting their shots.

The claimed victims, both 19 and 22, were shopping at a supermarket in Lincoln Park, a Detroit suburb, when the man allegedly grabbed their breasts.

According to the two women’s father, Tonez Davis, the two women were taken one after the other into a private vaccine booth with the shades drawn and the door shut.

Davis informed local reporters that the first came out looking restless a little time later, and the second came out looking just as troubled.

They then reported the person who gave them the shot fondled their breasts and inquired if this was usual for a vaccine procedure, he explained.

Davis told WDIV, NBC’s Detroit affiliate, that she had a type of blank look on her face and that he thought it was just the needle.

“’Dad, are they meant to squeeze your breasts while you get the shot?’ she asks. “No, they’re not supposed to do anything like that,” I said.

He claimed that after some coaxing, his daughters went to get their COVID-19 vaccine shot. He told the channel, “You know how difficult it is to convince people to do this, and I’ve been on them.”

Davis expressed concern that there may be other victims who have yet to come forward.

“There’s no telling how many more ladies he’s been doing this to,” he told the Detroit Metro Times weekly newspaper. It’s a disaster. That was a heinous act.”

The identification of the suspect has yet to be revealed, however Davis characterized him as a man in his fifties.

The suspected culprit was no longer a part of the store’s immunization program, according to Kroger.

Officials from the Lincoln Park Police Department have initiated an investigation and have asked any other alleged victims to contact them.

The Lincoln Park police chief, Raymond Watters, told Metro Times that all claims will be examined carefully. “We’re here to help individuals, so if this occurred to anyone else, we want to know,” he stated.

According to a statement sent to WDIV by Kroger, “the individual in. This is a condensed version of the information.


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