When parents applaud a man’s “racist” remarks, a school board meeting ends early.


When parents applaud a man’s “racist” remarks, a school board meeting ends early.

Parents praised one man’s “racist” and “embarrassing” comments at a school board meeting in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, which concluded early.

“Teaching our kids about racism and how to hate each other,” the guy, who identified himself only as Mark from Gladstone, charged the Bernards Township School Board.

“This is disgusting,” the father remarked, “teaching our children about race and how to hate each other.” “Teach white youngsters that if they obtain a chance, they must give it to someone of color.’ Then we tell African-American children, “It doesn’t matter how good you are. ‘Because you’re brown, you just get.’ The speaker said, “Nobody seems to care about these kids anymore.” “It’s all about virtue signaling,” says the author. It’s all about politics, and it’s all about despising Donald Trump and everyone who identifies as a conservative or Republican. You’d like to discuss racism and being called names? It’s known as ‘toughening up.’ “It’s known as ‘develop a set.'” Parents and others allegedly chastised the board at a one-and-a-half-hour meeting Monday, citing worries that critical race theory had been employed in teacher trainings. Critics also charged the board of failing to do more to promptly alert the public about a teacher who was recently arrested and accused of sexual assault.

Near the end of the meeting, board member Ruchika Hira spoke up against the man’s remarks.

According to Patch, she remarked, “I am beyond outraged to the point where I truly want to wait to answer.” “The most troubling aspect is that someone did come up here and make racial remarks.” They essentially advised that our children should learn to ‘grow a set,’ and you know what the residents of the town did? They clapped, which I find repulsive.” Soon later, the board called the meeting to a close.

The Bernards Township Education Association (BTEA) published a statement Tuesday morning condemning the remarks.

“An unpleasant spectacle that is another proof of the rapid degradation of public discourse and courteous conversation in our communities,” the BTEA said of the comments.

“The BTEA thanks our Board members for being courageous enough to show the public that racism will not be tolerated in our schools, and public meetings will not be used as platforms for ideologues to grandstand,” the statement read.

“Fostering is something we’re passionate about.” This is a condensed version of the information.


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