What Panic-Buyers Are Doing With Their Gas Now That The Shortage Is Over


What Panic-Buyers Are Doing With Their Gas Now That The Shortage Is Over

Reddit users have been talking about what they and their friends did with the gas they panicked bought two weeks ago.

The Colonial Pipeline hacking on May 7 resulted in gas shortages on the East Coast. They subsided after a few days, when the country’s biggest fuel pipeline resumed normal operations.

Customers panicked and bought gas in volume, even in states that were not affected, due to fears of impending shortages. According to some stories, panic buying caused greater shortages than the hacking itself.

Now, two weeks after the shortages ended, users on Reddit are debating the consequences of overbuying, with some claiming to have more petrol than they need and others sarcastically looking for new uses for the fuel.

“How are things going for you now, those who hoarded gas two weeks ago?” Since May 25, the post has received nearly 62,000 votes and 9,000 comments, according to the headline.

Few people have been prepared to share their personal stories of panic-buying petrol, but many have heard about “neighbors” who have done so.

“One of my neighbors hoarded at least three gas cans full of gas (I say at least since I only saw him unpacking the last three when I got home). He knocked on my door today and offered to sell me one gallon for a buck fifty, which I declined. On Tuesday, MetalShina wrote, “Last I saw him, he was hauling it to a friend’s place.”

“One of my slacker neighbors decided to purchase two 250 gallon pump tanks and weld them into the bed of their beat-up a** t100. Then they went to their local Costco and filled them full. They then decided it would be a good idea to put an enormous price gouging level sign on their vehicle and park it in a parking lot in a fairly nasty part of town.

In a matter of minutes, he was detained. Both the truck and the gas have been stolen. One user noted, “This was in Southern California… where there is ABSOLUTELY ZERO chance of a gas shortage.”

“My friend sells old 55 gallon oil drums, which are mostly used as burn barrels. He does, however, have lids for them if you need them. This is a condensed version of the information.


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