What is John Marion Grant’s background? Oklahoma is about to execute its first inmate since 2015.


What is John Marion Grant’s background? Oklahoma is about to execute its first inmate since 2015.

John Marion Grant will be the first inmate in Oklahoma to receive a lethal injection since 2015.

The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals said on Monday that seven executions will take place between October and March.

Grant, 60, was convicted in November 1998 of killing prison worker Gay Carter while doing time for four armed robberies.

According to court filings, when Carter removed Grant from a job in the kitchen of Dick Conner Correctional Center in Hominy, he forced her into a mop closet and stabbed her multiple times in the chest with a handmade knife.

Grant’s lawyers have claimed that he was sentenced to death after having insufficient legal representation during his trial and that mitigating information of child abuse was never provided to jurors.

Grant has also shown sorrow for his crime and apologized to his victim’s family, according to his attorney, Sarah Jernigan, an associate federal public defender. In a statement to This website, Jernigan remarked, “John Grant is far from the worst of the worst.”

“He has accepted full responsibility for his actions and apologized to the family of his victim. There is a reasonable chance that he would not have been put to death if the jury had known about his awful mistreatment in State-run institutions when he was a child.”

“Rather of executing him today, the State should show him the mercy he was denied as a defenseless youngster in its custody,” Jernigan continued.

The death chamber in Oklahoma used to be one of the busiest in the country. However, executions were halted following Clayton Lockett’s botched execution in 2014, as well as Charles Warner’s execution with the wrong deadly dose and Richard Glossip’s near-death before a chemical mix-up was uncovered in 2015.

Concerns Regarding Drugs

Grant was originally slated to be executed on October 28, 2015, however he and two other inmates, including Glossip, were granted reprieve due to concerns over the execution drugs.

After Oklahoma Attorney General John O’Connor petitioned the court to establish execution dates for seven inmates who aren’t part of a legal challenge to the state’s execution methods, Grant’s execution has been pushed out until October 28.

Julius Jones will be executed on November 18; Bigler Stouffer will be executed on December 9; and Wade Greely will be executed on December 10. This is a condensed version of the information.


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