What happened in Detroit? Republicans protest against Michigan Count.


When the state of Michigan was named Democratic candidate Joe Biden on Wednesday night, the situation on the ground came to a head when Republican challengers shouted “Stop the count” outside the TCF center in Detroit.

The challengers and other demonstrators outside the building shouted “Let us in” and “Stop the count” as they knocked on the windows as they were barred from entering the counting hall and the view inside the TCF center was obscured by officials.

The Detroit Free Press reported that the problem was triggered when some survey participants were denied access to the counting room because the limits had been reached. Republicans and Democrats are each legally permitted to have 134 challengers observe the counting process.

According to The Detroit News, the problems were triggered when both parties had more than 200 challengers in the room and the limit was exceeded. The Republicans complained that the ban on challengers entering the room allowed more Democrats to be present at the count.

Police stood in front of the center entrance to prevent more challengers from entering the building to watch the counting of the results in the crucial Swing State.

Footage posted on Twitter by Salwan Georges, the Washington Post photojournalist, showed several dozen people gathered outside the hall, and a smaller portion of them raised their fists and shouted “Stop the count.

Another clip, uploaded by Fox News correspondent Matt Finn, showed an election worker covering the windows of the TCF center with seemingly large sheets of white paper. At least two people outside held cameras up to the window to see what was going on inside.

Washington Newsday has contacted the Michigan State Department for further details and comments. This article will be updated with each response.

As the situation in Detroit evolved, President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign filed a complaint with the Court of Claims in Michigan, arguing that they had not been given “reasonable access” to the counting sites so that they could observe the counting of the ballots.

“We filed suit today with the Court of Claims in Michigan to stop counting until meaningful access is granted,” Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien said. “We are also asking for review of the ballots that were opened and counted while we did not have meaningful access,” Stepien said.

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson later called the complaint “frivolous” and claimed that her complaints were not valid.

“It really is an example of the kind of misinformation that is designed to sow doubt among our voters about the integrity of our electoral process, which I fully support,” she told CBS News.


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