Volunteers from the ‘Goat Mansion’ assist in the capture of an escaped herd of goat ‘landscapers.’


Volunteers from the ‘Goat Mansion’ assist in the capture of an escaped herd of goat ‘landscapers.’

On Monday morning, a herd of goats brought in to munch weeds behind a grocery store in Buckhead, Georgia, got out of their landscaping duties by escaping an enclosure.

A driver called the Atlanta Police Department after witnessing goats in the road, according to the statement. Animal control officers were dispatched to the location, and police made contact with the goats’ owner.

According to WXIA-TV, the station’s chopper discovered roughly two dozen goats grazing around the area. Officials also requested assistance in corralling the goats from Buckhead Goats Farmhouse, in addition to animal control officers.

In a Facebook Live video, a volunteer with the Buckhead Goats Farmhouse stated, “An cop arrived to our house and asked if we were missing goats, and I was like, “No,” so I got out and counted all of our goats.” “Then he told me there were several goats roaming in Piedmont and asked if I wanted to come help.”

The volunteer went on to say that she had believed only a few goats needed to be collected up, but instead discovered a whole herd of goats as well as three Great Pyrenees dogs that needed to be corralled.

The Buckhead Goats Farmhouse, popularly known as the “Goat Mansion,” is an Airbnb rental property. The goats that dwell on the site can be fed and seen by guests.

Officials began herding the roving goats once the goats living on the Buckhead Goats Farmhouse were identified.

Another Facebook post on the Buckhead Goats group indicated that the volunteer had delivered alfalfa hay and goat feed to the area, but that more supplies were required.

The message added, “We brought back extra rope, feeding pans, a big bag of goat feed, and half a bail of alfalfa to keep the herd in one location BUSY eating.”

The volunteer also picked up plastic rubbish in the vicinity that might create an intestinal blockage if eaten by the goats while they were feeding. The herd of 43 goats and three Great Pyrenees were secured and loaded to be transferred, according to a third post on the Buckhead Goats Facebook page.

The Atlanta Police Department stated that no one was hurt throughout the ordeal, and that the investigation is still ongoing.

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