Virginia woman cut by razor blades attached to the shield of Joe Biden Yard.


A Virginia woman was cut with razor blades when she tried to remove her Joe Biden sign as police urged Arlington County residents to be careful.

The day after election day, the woman brought the political signs into a family member’s home before she began dismantling them. She was then cut with razor blades that had been taped to the sign and suffered minor injuries that did not require medical treatment.

Although the Arlington County police have received no reports of similar incidents, they urge residents to be careful when removing the signs.

Carol Burnett, Program Chair of the Arlington Democratic caucus, told WUSA 9: “There is not a single way that any damage [to political signs]has not occurred.

“I would say that this is unprecedented for Arlington. This goes beyond the normal kind of sign loss from teenagers and the wind.”

Burnett also said that signs in support of Biden and Kamala Harris were targeted and suffered vandalism and destruction. Arlington voted overwhelmingly for the Democrats in the 2020 election, with Biden currently leading the Democrats with a 64-point lead according to the New York Times.

Elsewhere in Michigan in October, signs in support of President Donald Trump were covered with razor blades.

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office said a building inspector removed the signs because they were in the way when he was cut by the razor blades attached to the bottom of the sign. Blades were attached to two signs at the site, and the inspector received injuries to three fingers requiring medical attention.

Oakland also voted for the Democrats in the 2020 election, with Biden leading by 14 points, according to the New York Times.

Both Trump and Biden supporters suffered damage and vandalism to their signs during the 2020 presidential election, while some supporters were targeted because of their political advertising signs.

For example, a woman in Maine was suspected of targeting homes with Trump courtyard signs when residents found her signs vandalized and dog excrement hung in their mailboxes in September.

But while political signs were a source of tension for some neighbors, rival signs brought two neighbors in Wisconsin together. When the Biden supporter Tim Place’s sign was stolen, it was replaced by his Trump-supporting neighbor Josh Schoemann.

Schoemann reported to Washington Newsday: “I think people really yearn to be reunited. That’s why I thought it was important to replace Tim’s sign and tell this story. We can’t change everything at once, but each of us can do our part to simply move the needle”.


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