VIDEO: To save her son, a mother ripped off the kidnapper’s license plate with her bare hands.


VIDEO: To save her son, a mother ripped off the kidnapper’s license plate with her bare hands.

Police in Texas have apprehended a lady suspected of kidnapping a toddler and are looking for two other suspects.

The Garland Police Department stated, “Garland investigators need the public’s assistance in locating two suspects who stole a 20-month-old infant boy on Sunday, Oct. 17.”

According to authorities, the young boy and his mother were in a motel room when the mother heard a knock at the door. “Investigators believe the mother thought it was a friend when she opened the door. Three ladies barged into the room, overpowering the mother and kidnapping her child.

“Officers recovered surveillance video from the motel that showed the three women arriving in a black SUV. The SUV is seen parking in the motel’s back parking lot and the three women departing. The women can be seen standing outside the back door, waiting for it to be opened from the inside.

“A few moments later, the women emerge from the same door, carrying the baby and sprinting to the SUV. Before the kidnappers could exit the parking lot, the mother pursued them and was able to take the front license plate from the kidnappers’ vehicle.” “The responding officers identified the SUV as a black Jeep Renegade from the license plate the mother got,” police said in a statement posted on Facebook on Oct. 19. Officers began searching the area right away, and one Garland officer saw the SUV moving on Northwest Highway near the LBJ Freeway just inside Dallas.

“Officers executed a traffic stop on the vehicle and discovered a female driver, an 11-year-old juvenile, and the kidnapped infant inside.” The baby was uninjured and returned to his mother securely.” On October 19, Lashonda Price, 34, of Seagoville, was arrested and brought to the Dallas County Jail. A bond of $20,000 was posted. At the time of publication, it was unknown whether she had been released on bond.

The 11-year-link old’s to the suspect was not disclosed, nor was the identify of the juvenile.

“One of the other women has been identified as 28-year-old Romeisha Brown, who has since turned herself in, but the third has yet to be identified.” Brown has an arrest warrant for kidnapping, according to police, who also published a photo of Brown. “A third suspect, described as a white female,” has been identified. This is a condensed version of the information.


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