Van Jones calls Trump’s refusal to allow a desperate “kamikaze” mission.


On Thursday, American news commentator Van Jones called President Donald Trump’s refusal to allow his elected Democratic president Joe Biden to run for office a “kamikaze mission” and added: “He wants us to go down with him.

Jones spoke during a discussion with CNN presenter Anderson Cooper. Meanwhile, Cooper asked Jones what he thought of the recent statement by former Democratic President Barack Obama that he was concerned about Republicans supporting Trump’s legal ambition to tilt enough ballots to win the election.

“I am more concerned by the fact that other Republican officials, who clearly know better, are going along with this, keeping him happy,” Obama told CBS News’ Scott Pelley on Thursday. “It is another step toward delegitimizing not only the new Biden administration, but democracy in general. And that’s a dangerous road to go down.”

Referring to Obama’s comment, Cooper said, “All these Republican senators will remain silent because they’re afraid he’ll sabotage them,” and hinted that Republicans may not criticize Trump for fear that the president’s supporters might vote them out later.

Jones said he believed that many people were “stunned” and did not know what to say or do in response to Trump’s refusal to back down.

“This is unprecedented in the history of our Republic,” Jones said. “The president is embarrassing himself, he’s embarrassing the country.”

“This is not America first. This is trumps first,” Jones continued. “What you have right now is that the president has strapped the country to his own little kamikaze plane, and he wants us to crash with him. This is not America first.”

Kamikaze planes were used by the Japanese military during World War II to crash into targets, killing the pilot and destroying the plane in addition to its intended target.

Jones also referred to the Trump administration’s refusal to provide intelligence to Biden before he took office as president. Former president-elect have received such briefings after receiving a letter from the General Services Administration (GSA) as a step in the transition process.

Jones said he believes that Biden should be allowed to attend such briefings even though Trump continues to challenge Biden’s election in court so that both leaders understand the security challenges facing the United States, regardless of who ultimately serves as president. Several Republicans in Congress have publicly endorsed Jones’ proposal.

Despite the fact that Biden has been named president elect by several news organizations, Trump has refused to back down and has filed numerous lawsuits alleging widespread voter fraud in key theaters of war, despite the fact that election officials from 49 states have stated that there is no evidence of support for Trump’s shells. Despite this, none of the charges appear to have been brought to overturn the vote in Trump’s favor.

Washington Newsday contacted the White House for comment.


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