Vaccine mandates are deemed unethical by Stanford physician Jay Bhattacharya, who claims that patients have the right to choose.


Vaccine mandates are deemed unethical by Stanford physician Jay Bhattacharya, who claims that patients have the right to choose.

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, a Stanford University professor of medicine, argues that mandating the COVID-19 vaccine is “unethical.”

On Tuesday night’s Cortes & Pellegrino, Bhattacharya joined Newsmax hosts Steve Cortes and Jenn Pellegrino to answer their questions regarding the virus and the vaccination.

Cortes inquired about the doctor’s opinion on whether it was medically ethical to force toddlers and teenagers to catch the virus. Young people, he continued, are not at high risk of serious illnesses.

Bhattacharya said, “I believe it is unethical to do so.” “As you said, Steve, they have a very little risk of negative consequences from this infection. Only a few healthy, young children perished from this illness; previous year, more people died from the flu.”

Young people who get the vaccine gain minimal benefits, according to Bhattacharya, and adverse effects like the rare incidences of myocarditis in teenage boys are not worth the minimal benefits.

“This is a medical decision that should be left to the doctor and the patient, not imposed by the government,” Bhattacharya said. “There is no rationale for a mandate in terms of public health.”

Vaccine mandates, according to the expert, are “terrible for public health” because they cause individuals to lose faith in health professionals.

A question about the six Texas Democrats who flew to Washington, D.C. was also answered by the doctor. to stop a restrictive voting bill from becoming law in their state Despite being fully vaccinated, the group tested positive with COVID-19 after the trip.

“The most important thing to observe is that none of them are sick,” Bhattacharya remarked. “They’ve got a cold,” says the narrator. The vaccination is wonderful at protecting against serious disease—in fact, preceding infection is as well. You’re protected against new disease if you’ve had COVID before and recovered.”

When it comes to propagating the virus, Bhattacharya stated to the anchors that the vaccination is less efficient, as evidenced by the populations of vaccinated people who test positive.

“It turns out it’s less effective at preventing transmission. You are susceptible to catching a cold. You can acquire it, but it’s no longer a life-threatening situation.”

Despite rising COVID-19 cases around the world, he stressed the necessity of the death rate maintaining stable. This, he claims, is an indicator of vaccine efficacy.

He declared, “The sickness has been defanged.” “We. This is a condensed version of the information.


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