US President: Donald Trump would accept defeat in US election


He will “do other things” if he is not re-elected US president, says Donald Trump. In crises, he sees himself as a unifying president.

US President Donald Trump said he would accept defeat in the US presidential election in November. He told Fox News television, “If I don’t win, I won’t win.” He would do other things. But Trump added, “I think it would be a very sad thing for our country.”

The president of the United States had been asked to respond to statements by the Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden. Biden had voiced the thought that if Trump was defeated, he might refuse to leave the White House.

Trump sees himself as the president for law and order
Trump also made it clear in the interview that in crises he sees himself as a unifying and compassionate president. When asked, “Are you the President who unites us all, given everything that is happening right now,” Trump replied, “I certainly think so and I certainly hope so. His opponents, on the other hand, accuse him of widening the rifts rather than uniting the country – not only since the violent death of black George Floyd, which had triggered protests and unrest in numerous US cities.

Since the beginning of the mass protests against racism and police violence, Trump has stylized himself as President for Law and Order. Among other things, he threatened to use the military against the demonstrators. “I think the Law and Order President can prevent a situation like Seattle ever happening,” Trump said. In Seattle, demonstrators have set up an “autonomous zone” where police are not wanted. The zone comprises several streets and is partially cordoned off from the rest of downtown by barricades. TV pictures show that the atmosphere is calm and peaceful.

In Trump’s view, the city and state governments have lost control of the city. On Twitter he called the demonstrators “anarchists” and “terrorists”. His government could take action against them if Governor Jay Inslee and Mayor Jenny Durkan did not act, Trump threatened. “If you’re soft and weak, you’re not compassionate in the end,” Trump told Fox. “Toughness is sometimes the most compassionate.” Otherwise there would be dangerous situations in which people would get seriously hurt.

Campaign rally in Tulsa postponed
Following criticism in the wake of anti-racism protests, Trump has postponed an election campaign event in Tulsa, in the US state of Oklahoma. It was scheduled for next Friday. “Out of respect” for the memorial day, which commemorates the end of slavery, the rally will not take place on June 19, but one day later, Trump announced on Twitter. Both the choice of date and location were criticized.

Tulsa was the scene of one of the worst race riots in US history. “This is not just a wink at white racists – he’s throwing them a welcome party,” Democratic Senator Kamala Harris tweeted after Trump first announced the rally.

Since March, there have been no major campaign events in the US due to the coronavirus pandemic. Trump had announced a few days ago that he would resume the events. Appearances before his supporters are a central element of his election campaign. After the date in Tulsa, rallies are to be held in Florida, Arizona and North Carolina.


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