Updated Map of the Arizona Spur Fire as the Bagdad Blaze Burns Down Several Homes


Updated Map of the Arizona Spur Fire as the Bagdad Blaze Burns Down Several Homes

A wildfire in Arizona has destroyed scores of homes in Bagdad, a mining village in Yavapai County, and the whole town is still under evacuation orders, according to local authorities.

There have been no reports of injuries, but the Spur Fire is believed to have burned 25 to 30 residences.

The fire, which was fueled by dry grass and brush, has destroyed 150 acres of land since it started Thursday afternoon, according to a post on Facebook by the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday evening.

According to the Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management, as of late Thursday, fire fighters had halted the forward progress of the blaze, which was 25 percent contained (AZ State Forestry).

The department claimed in a tweet late Thursday that at least 13 principal structures and over ten subsidiary structures had been destroyed, with utility infrastructure damage also confirmed.

WVFD (Williamson Valley Fire Department)-Bagdad Fire & Rescue announced in a Facebook post late Thursday that the whole town remained without power and that an evacuation order was still in effect.

In a tweet on Thursday, the Arizona State Forestry stated electricity lines in Bagdad had been “de-energized for safety” and phone connections had been down “as fire burnt through fiber optic connections.”

“Overnight, APS [Arizona Public Service] is attempting to restore electricity. The Hassayampa elementary school in Wickenburg has been designated as an evacuation shelter, according to the WVFD.

The fire’s cause is still being investigated. According to the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office, the first investigation indicates that incident may have been caused by road work.

Crews have halted further movement on the #SpurFire, which has grown to 150 acres and is only 25% contained. Following a more complete property assessment, 13 principal structures were confirmed destroyed, as well as 10+ minor structures and utility infrastructure damage. Evacs are in place and will be re-evaluated in the morning tomorrow. #AZFire #AZForestry pic.twitter.com/xcZXC3nMAo #AZFire #AZForestry

May 28, 2021 — Arizona State Forestry (@azstateforestry)

According to the public affairs officer for the Department of Forestry and Fire Management, Tiffany Davila, the cause of the fire appears to be related to dry conditions.

Davila told FOX 10 Phoenix: “Dry not only in Baghdad but across the state, so that really is what firefighters are dealing with right now.”

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