Updated Map of Oregon Wildfires As Bootleg Burns An Area Larger Than Houston


Updated Map of Oregon Wildfires As Bootleg Burns An Area Larger Than Houston

The Bootleg Fire, the largest wildfire presently burning in the United States, is spreading towards mountain villages in Oregon as it approaches 400,00 acres burned.

According to the government InciWeb wildfire tracking site, the fire, which has been blazing in Oregon since July 6, has destroyed 388,360 acres in the state despite only being 32 percent contained.

The fire is rapidly developing, having only touched 300,000 acres on Monday morning, with the fire expected to reach 400,000 acres destroyed by Wednesday.

Despite the fact that at least 70 homes have been destroyed and more than 2,000 residents have been forced to flee their homes throughout the state, no one has been reported killed or injured as a result of the fire.

Several cities in Oregon affected by the fire, including Redmond and Klamath Falls, have established evacuation shelters, and InciWeb data reveals that at least 2,250 firefighters are presently battling the flames.

The fire has burned about 606 square miles so far, which is about 3 square miles smaller than London, England, but larger than both Houston, Texas, and Delhi, India.

The fire, which is the fourth largest in Oregon history, is closing in on the rural communities of Paisley, Summer Lake, and Silver Lake, according to the Los Angeles Times. Incident Commander Joe Hessel told the newspaper that some residents in those regions are refusing to leave.

Hessel stated that many residents in those rural villages have lived there their entire lives and do not want to move, but that the state has not yet experienced “million-acre wildfire,” as Bootleg has the potential to be.

According to the National Interagency Fire Center, there are currently 83 significant wildfires burning in the United States, following a heat wave and drought that sparked blazes across the West Coast in early July.

Over 19,300 wildland firefighters and support personnel are now battling 83 big wildfires blazing in at least 13 states throughout the United States.

The number of firemen and support personnel combating the fires has decreased from 19,600 on Tuesday, while the number of wildfires has increased. This is a condensed version of the information.


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