Update on the Fourth Stimulus Check: The Petition for a $2,000 Monthly Payment has 2.4 million signatures.


Update on the Fourth Stimulus Check: The Petition for a $2,000 Monthly Payment has 2.4 million signatures.

On Thursday, a petition seeking monthly stimulus checks hit 2.4 million signatures, placing it just 600,000 signatures shy of its 3 million goal.

When the pandemic prompted the closure of businesses around the country last year, Stephanie Bonin, a Denver restaurant owner, initiated the petition. Despite states reopening businesses and easing restrictions, individuals continue to sign the petition urging Congress to take further action.

The petition asks Congress to adopt legislation that would provide adults with $2,000 monthly payments and children with $1,000 monthly payments. It asks lawmakers to extend the payments throughout the “length of the crisis” in order to assist people who have been financially impacted by the pandemic in paying their rent and putting food on the table.

If the petition hits its goal of 3 million signatures, it will be one of Change.org’s most popular petitions. Bonin was honored in December for starting one of the top ten petitions that altered the world.

Stephanie said in a statement, “The last three stimulus checks and supplementary aid like the monthly child tax credit were born out of necessity and have had a tremendous impact.” “However, economic disparities in our country existed before COVID-19, and I don’t want to go backwards just because the pandemic is under control.”

Bonin explained that when the petition reached 2.3 million signatures, it meant that 2.3 million people agreed that “we need to take care of one another for the long haul.”

At least 80 members of Congress are in favor of more direct payments, and others are urging President Joe Biden to impose automatic stabilizers. Direct payments would be handed out whenever predefined economic conditions were reached if automatic stabilizers were in place. Payments might be sent out if unemployment reached a given threshold, which is often linked to employment. The payments would immediately stop if employment increased.

Biden supports automatic stabilizers for expanded unemployment payments but has largely remained quiet on the subject of stimulus checks. While the White House is open to a plan if Congress puts one forward, White House press secretary Jen Psaki noted that the measure is not free.

A costly relief measure, additional stimulus. This is a brief summary.


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