Unvaccinated Mississippi man claims he thought COVID was a “little bit of a risk,” and claims he lost his leg as a result.


Unvaccinated Mississippi man claims he thought COVID was a “little bit of a risk,” and claims he lost his leg as a result.

After being hospitalized with COVID-19, a Mississippi man who was immunized and thought he was low-risk has now lost a leg.

Bryan Thompson, 43, a home-based information technology worker, said he was “a little suspicious” of the coronavirus vaccine, believing it was “rushed.”

Thompson admits that he wishes he had gotten the vaccine in retrospect.

“We were in a low-risk situation,” says the narrator. It wasn’t like I was a front-line worker who saw hundreds of individuals every day,” Thompson explained. “So I figured that because of our situation, if anyone could take a chance, it would be us.”

His perspective has shifted since contracting the COVID-19 virus and ending up in the hospital with severe symptoms. Thompson now hopes that others can benefit from his path from vaccine skeptic to vaccine believer, according to FOX8 reporting.

Thompson said he had a fever and then pneumonia after contracting COVID-19, landing him in the hospital.

“I had a blood pressure of 71/40, and my oxygen level was in the low 80s. I mean, I was about to leave,” he explained. “It wouldn’t have taken much longer for me to have died.”

COVID-19 has the potential to generate unanticipated side effects that linger longer than predicted. Thompson continued experiencing agonizing pain in one of his legs overnight, even after he was considered adequately cured and discharged.

“The pain rose to a degree I had never experienced during the night,” he stated. “[The] Worst pain I’ve ever experienced. My foot has just… I’m at a loss for words. “Like, scream-out-loud pain.”

Thompson’s wife, Audrey, took him to the emergency department, where he was diagnosed with blood clots and told he would need an amputation below the knee.

According to Dr. Fred Lopez of Louisiana State University Health, blood clots are one of the more uncommon COVID-19 problems. In some circumstances, blood thinners can be given to help lessen the impact, but it was too late in Thompson’s case.

Dr. Lopez explained, “These are not the more common issues; they are part of the small fraction of persons who get serious difficulties.”

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