Tucker Carlson says that millions of Americans love Donald Trump “because nobody else loves them”.


On the eve of election day, Tucker Carlson claimed that millions of Americans love President Donald Trump because “no one else loves them.

In his last Fox News monologue before November 3, the moderator urged voters to ask themselves why many Americans still support Trump despite his mistakes and the negative press coverage. After showing a picture of the crowd at the President’s Saturday rally in Butler, Pennsylvania, Carlson asked, “Why did all these people come?

“They must have known that Donald Trump was the most evil man who ever lived. They heard that every day for five years. They know that people who support Donald Trump are also evil. They are bigots, they are morons, they are racist cult members,” Carlson said. “They know that Americans have been fired for supporting Donald Trump. Not to mention the social media. Disparaged by their children’s teachers, shunned by decent society. Only losers and freaks support Donald Trump.”

The conservative moderator continued to insist that “millions of Americans sincerely love Donald Trump. They love in spite of everything they have heard, they often love in spite of himself. They have no illusions. They know exactly who Trump is.”

Carlson then expressed his conviction that the followers “love Donald Trump because no one else loves them”.

“Whatever Donald Trump’s faults may be, he is better than the rest of the people in charge,” he said. “At least he does not hate them for their weakness. In other words, Donald Trump is and always has been a living indictment of the people who govern this country”.

“Trump rose up because they failed.”

Trump has fallen behind Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in most national and state polls. With just hours to election day, Biden’s lead over the president is greater than Hillary Clinton’s lead four years ago when Trump’s electoral college won the overwhelming America.

A survey by CNBC/Change Research, published on Monday, showed that Biden has a narrow lead in six contested states. In Arizona, 50 percent of likely voters supported Biden compared to 47 percent of Trump’s; in Florida, 51 percent supported Biden and 48 percent Trump; in Michigan, 51 percent supported Biden and 44 percent Trump; in North Carolina, 49 percent supported Biden and 47 percent Trump; in Pennsylvania, 50 percent supported Biden and 46 percent Trump; and in Wisconsin, 53 percent supported Biden and 45 percent Trump.

In the Battlefield States survey, 3,328 people from the states were interviewed between Thursday and Sunday. The margin of error is plus or minus 1.7 percentage points.

Washington Newsday asked Biden’s campaign for a comment….


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