Trumpf wins 1.1 million Twitter followers in the last four days amidst the election turmoil.


Donald Trump has recorded a net win of more than 1.1 million Twitter followers in the past four days during the presidential contest.

Starting November 3, Election Day, Trump won more than 100,000 followers per day, according to SocialBlade, a website that tracks social media statistics and analysis. The president saw the most new followers on Wednesday with over 538,000 new additions.

In total, Trump gained 1,134,166 new Twitter followers between Tuesday and the time this story was published on Friday. These numbers are unusually high for the President, who received only 6,542 new followers in the same four-day period last week.

In a Friday tweet, freelance journalist Yashar Ali pointed out the sharp increase and speculated that the rise was due to people who did not follow Trump before election day and were interested in how he reacted to the vote.

The president has seen a sharp increase in his Twitter followers over the past four days. Probably because people who had not followed him before followed him to see how he reacted to the election.

Since Tuesday he has seen a net increase of 1,127,324 followers … far more than normal.

– Yashar Ali ð (@yashar) November 6, 2020

One of the hallmarks of Trump’s presidency was his use of Twitter, where he often delivered late night tirades or expressed sharp criticism of other politicians.

He is not the only presidential candidate to have seen a massive increase in followers this week. In a separate tweet, Ali pointed out that the Democratic candidate Joe Biden has won a net total of 2,174,875 new followers on Twitter in the same period.

Biden’s runner-up, California Senator Kamala Harris, won 614,129 new followers according to SocialBlade. However, both Biden’s and Harris’ numbers of followers have steadily increased over the past two weeks.

Since election day, Biden has used his Twitter account to encourage his followers to be patient and “believe in themselves. He has projected a general message of confidence that he will win the presidency and an assurance that the democratic process of counting votes and determining a winner will be maintained.

“I ask the people to remain calm. The process is working,” Biden tweeted on Thursday afternoon and received nearly 550,000 favors. “The count is being completed as we speak.”

Harris has made similar statements to her 7.8 million supporters since Tuesday, encouraging supporters to donate to the Biden Campaign Fund – the money will likely be used by the Biden campaign if it decides to go into legal battles over tight election margins.

In the meantime, Trump, true to his character, has tweeted at least 40 times since election day. Twitter has marked at least 12 of these tweets and, as part of his recent policy of civic integrity, has placed a disclaimer over their content.

“Some or all of the content shared in this tweet is controversial and could be misleading in relation to an election or other civil society process,” the disclaimer states.

Most of Trump’s Twitter feed since election day has focused on reassuring supporters that he is doing well in the race yet to be decided, or sowing doubt in the democratic process of counting votes. Without evidence, he has claimed fraudulent activity in several of the states he appears to be losing, including Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania.

Once, on Thursday morning, he simply tweeted “STOP THE COUNT!” and received more than 729,000 casualties.


– Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 5, 2020

In several states, election officials continue to use tabular voting when processing an influx of postal ballots. Among the states that have not yet selected a presidential winner are Alaska, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. Trumpf leads by a clear margin in Alaska and North Carolina, while Biden has a smaller lead in Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania.

With 73.86 million and 264 votes, respectively, Biden currently holds the majority of the popular and electoral votes, according to the Associated Press. Trump has 214 votes and 69.91 million popular votes.

Taking into account only Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania, Biden has seven ways to get the 270 votes needed to win the White House, while Trump has only one, according to the New York Times.


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