Trumpf trailers sprayed by fire trucks during the Maga Rally, dozens of them taken to hospital in scorching heat.


A fire truck sprayed water over masses of Donald Trump supporters at his rally in Tampa, Florida, where several people were hospitalized because of the intense heat.

Crowds of supporters faced the 87-degree sun to wait for the President’s arrival at Raymond James Stadium.

Trump then spoke for nearly an hour at the open-air rally, preparing for the election in just four days.

To keep the crowd cool, the rally participants were sprayed with water by a fire truck in the back of the crowd.

Fire truck sprays the crowd at the Trump rally in Tampa. Did I mention it’s hot? Iâm being sprayed from 100 meters away.

– Zac Anderson (@zacjanderson) October 29, 2020

Images show a huge column of water pumped over Trump trailers, which according to NBC News were mainly maskless.

Tampa’s fire department told the station that it responded to 17 medical calls during the rally. At least a dozen people had to be taken to hospital for treatment, the fire department added.

The 911 calls reportedly included complaints from people who had difficulty breathing or felt faint.

Of those hospitalized, Tampa’s fire department reported that according to NBC, one person had a seizure while another fainted. The other ten people were reportedly listed as “sick” without further details.

The Tampa Fire Department spokesman also said that such calls were common in wet weather, especially for large events of this size.

He comes just two days after 30 rally attendees in Omaha, Nebraska needed medical attention, while another seven were taken to hospital when transportation problems left hundreds of people stranded in the cold for hours.

During his speech, Trump wore a MAGA baseball cap that was pulled low over his face to protect him from the sun.

He paused his speech when he noticed the water cannon and said, “Look at that. Oh, are they doing this on purpose? Are they friend or foe?

“I don’t know, that actually felt good. I felt water on my face and I said, “Where the hell did that come from? Maybe they’re doing it on purpose.”

Then he joked that if they’re “enemy” then, “Let’s take care of the sons of b******.”

Then he laughed and said, “Oh look, they’re hitting the press. Oh, there go the cameras. There goes a million dollars worth of equipment. That’s it. That’s actually cool. I’m gonna tell the media I had nothing to do with this.”

Twitter users reacted angrily, saying the president had twice made his supporters vulnerable before “threatening” the fire department rescue service.

One wrote, “So Trump goes out in the cold, and then he leaves his people out in the cold to freeze. Then he goes to Florida in the heat and leaves his people behind, and they’re sick of the heat. It’s like a trend, like the death wish, to go to a Trump rally.

another said, “You don’t even stand up for your own followers. Not only do you expose them to the #Trump virus, which you know is deadly, but you sent them to the hospital. First in Nebraska with hypothermia, then in Florida with heat stroke.

Meanwhile, a third person said, “The most dangerous candidate in history 17 people on the ground with heatstroke in Florida today -Lawrence O’Donnell said, “not just the résumé or the freezing cold or the sweltering heat, but then threatening the firefighters who were trying to cool the crowd.

The rally opened with a speech by Melania Trump, who praised her husband’s tenure. Then Trump spoke and attacked Biden as “the worst presidential candidate in history.

Regarding the coronavirus he said: “But do you know what the bottom line is? You will get better. You will get better.”

The supporters cheered as he continued, “If I can get better, everybody can get better. And I will get better fast.” asked Tampa Fire Department and the Trump campaign for comment.

Trump trailer hospitalized after Nebraska rally

The Tampa rally was not the first time supporters sought medical help at one of his campaign events.

Just two days earlier, 30 rally attendees in Omaha, Nebraska needed medical attention, and seven were taken to local hospitals where they suffered from conditions such as hypothermia.

This happened after supporters of the president were stranded overnight in the freezing cold after the rally ended with chaotic transportation problems.

Hundreds were taken by buses to the Eppley airfield and left their cars in parking lots, but were lost for up to four miles after the buses could not pick them up. The temperature in the area at that time was in the mid 1930s, but according to NBC it was 27 degrees with wind chill.

The Trump campaign twittered that the delay was due to “local roadblocks” that stopped their shuttles.

As it was said on Wednesday: “Because of the sheer size of the crowd, we used 40 shuttles instead of the normal 15, but local roadblocks and the resulting congestion caused delays. We always try to give our guests the best experience at our events and we take care of their safety.

Due to the sheer size of the audience, we used 40 shuttles instead of the normal 15, but local roadblocks and the resulting congestion caused delays. We always strive to give our guests the best possible experience at our events and we care about their safety. (2/2)

– Nebraska Trump Victory (Text until 88022) (@TrumpVictoryNE) October 28, 2020

CNN reporter Jeff Zeleny tweeted at 22:21 CDT: “President Trump took off from Air Force One 1 hour 20 minutes ago, but thousands of his supporters are still trapped on a dark road ahead of the rally.

Zeleny, who attended the Tuesday night rally, described the scene as a “chaotic gathering” as Omaha police officers attempted to transport the stranded.

“There are hundreds upon hundreds of people who came in buses – forced to park miles away – who were stranded,” he wrote.

“The parking lots at the Trump Rally are full,” the Omaha police tweeted shortly after 6:00 p.m.

The parking lots at the TRUMP Rally are full. The shuttles will no longer carry people to the event. They will no longer be able to get to the rally on foot, OVER or other means of transport. It is not allowed to park in the surrounding neighborhoods, on streets or in stores.

– Omaha Police Department (@OmahaPolice) October 27, 2020

“Shuttles will no longer transport people to the event. They will no longer be able to reach the rally on foot, by overs or by other means of transport. It is not allowed to park in the surrounding neighborhoods, on streets or in stores.

The event ended around 9 pm, but many had to walk a 3.7 mile walk from TAC Air to the South Economy parking lot in Eppley.

“Officers picking up people wandering in the cold who cannot locate their vehicles and taking them to different parking lots,” tweeted the local news provider Omaha Scanner.

“Officers who don’t have an assignment go to parking lots to pick up stranded people and try to locate their vehicles. Airport maintenance vehicles also help,” the report said.

Paramedics were on site to treat those, especially elderly people, with visible medical problems as they left the airport.

“Waterloo Medic 811 en route to Lil’ Creighton Code 2 with a 68-year-old man whose initial symptoms were possible hypothermia and altered mental status. He is alert and oriented and trembling,” Omaha Scanner reported.

“An officer advised 8 to 9 elderly people who were experiencing difficulties. A separate officer advising them identified an elderly person who is freezing cold and unable to move with an altered state of mind.

“Officials requesting the emergency services are looking for a warehouse or a place where people can warm up as they walk to their cars.


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