Trumpf supporter from Wisconsin replaces the sign of the neighbor’s “Stolen Biden” campaign.


A Donald Trump supporter reportedly replaced his neighbor’s pro-Joe Biden court sign after it was stolen from a predominantly Republican neighborhood in Wisconsin.

Tim Place, who is supporting Biden in the 2020 presidential election, had his advertising sign stolen in front of his Washington County home, Fox 6 reported.

However, it was replaced by neighbor Josh Schoemann, who shows his own courtyard sign in support of Trump just a few doors away.

The neighbor said he didn’t know who stole his sign, but noted that his area was mostly Trump supporters, and told Fox 6, “Look around the neighborhood, I think there’s another Biden sign.

Despite different political views, Schoemann did not agree that the Placeschild was stolen and wanted to replace it by telling the local media: “Although we are Trump followers, we love our neighbors and want them to be able to exercise their freedom of speech like everyone else.

In response to Schoemann’s replacement of the Biden sign, Place replied, “I was very grateful and thanked and said it’s amazing that you can do something like this in these times,” while Schoemann said, “It was just heartwarming to see that even in the midst of a very controversial campaign, neighbors can still treat each other with love and respect.

Court signs have caused tensions between neighbors in the run-up to the presidential elections, with supporters from across the political spectrum damaging their signs.

In October, a man in California caught someone throwing dog excrement outside his front door because he thought he was being targeted for his “Black Lives Matter” yard signs. A similar incident occurred earlier this month in Colorado when a woman was caught throwing dog poop into a yard that had Trump and “All Lives Matter” signs on it.

In September, a woman in Maine was suspected of throwing dog poop into the mailboxes of Trump supporters, allegedly targeting those with Trump signs in their yards.

Despite these incidents, which occurred in particularly turbulent weeks leading up to the election, the report of the Trump supporter who replaced his neighbor’s Biden sign is far from the first time that political opponents have shown solidarity with one another.

In October, a photo of men shaking hands – one holding a Trump flag and the other a Biden flag – was circulated in the social media. Although the photo received mixed reactions, several Twitter users expressed their appreciation for the display of kindness, with some hoping to see more of this behavior in the U.S.


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