Trumpf says that the election will be decided after November 3: “Many thanks to the Supreme Court”.


President Donald Trump told participants in two campaign rallies in Pennsylvania on Saturday that the vote count after November 3 will be a “sham” full of frauds. He thanked the Supreme Court and mocked it after deciding this week to count the ballots until election day, even if they arrive three days after the campaign on Tuesday.

Trump refuted claims that he and the Republicans “control the Supreme Court” after the judges upheld a September 17 ruling by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court that allowed postal ballots to be counted until three days after November 3. Trump seemed sarcastic in thanking the Supreme Court judges for allowing a similar exception in North Carolina. Trump told participants at the rally in Reading, Pennsylvania, “If we win, if we win on Tuesday or, thank you, at the Supreme Court shortly thereafter, let me tell you,” before claiming that voting officials could suddenly “find” 10,000 new ballots – the same number that would win the state of Michigan by 2016.

At a rally in Reading, PA Trump said: “If we win on Tuesday or â thank you, Supreme Court â shortly after…”

– The back calculation (@Therecount) October 31, 2020

Trump said that Pennsylvania and other states may be “waiting weeks for a result” – a period he claims the Democrats will use to “cheat.

“I wish the Supreme Court would, frankly, treat us the same way. That was a decision that was made, wasn’t it? Let’s not listen to the decision, the most important election in the history of our country, November 3. Let’s not wait November 3, let’s extend the date, let’s give people more time to cast their ballots,” Trump said on Saturday.

“Very bad things can happen with ballot papers between November 3 and the date they indicate,” the president added, saying that fraud is inevitable after election night.

“Why can’t they hand in their ballots earlier so that we have enough time and can make a decision on November 3, on the evening of November 3,” the president added. And you know what’s going to happen, especially with Pennsylvania,” Trump said, noting that a pollster who accurately predicted his victory in 2016 joked on Friday on television that a Trump victory in Pennsylvania would have to allow them “five points for cheating.

“Trump will win Pennsylvania, but you have to allow five points for cheating, and do you know when the cheating will happen? From the 3rd to the date they gave. That was very disappointing, and it was a very political decision. I have to say they didn’t treat me very well,” he continued.

The president criticized the Supreme Court for giving so “many disappointing opinions” even though he personally appointed three of the nine judges. Judge Amy Coney Barrett was not involved in Pennsylvania’s recent decision to let the state Supreme Court decide how many days the stamped ballots can be counted.

For weeks, the Democrats have accused Trump and the Republicans in the Senate of rushing to bring another conservative judge to the court in case there were any disputes over the counting of votes on election day. Trump himself helped fuel these allegations by saying that “fraud” in Pennsylvania and other states with narrow battlegrounds will almost certainly result in the Supreme Court ruling on the election in the days or weeks following November 3.

“Oh, we just found 10,000 ballots, oh, we found another 10,000,” Trump said about hypothetical post-election fraud.

“I think this will end up in the Supreme Court. And I think it’s very important that we have nine judges,” Trump told Fox News last month before Barrett was confirmed by the Republicans in the Senate. “It’s better if you go before the election because I think this fraud that the Democrats are pulling – it’s a fraud – this fraud will end up in the United States Supreme Court. And I think having a 4-4 situation is not a good situation.”

Trump suggested in a joke that the Democratic governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf, might help in the attempt to rig the election for Joe Biden on Tuesday.

“Don’t cheat on the ballots, Governor, don’t cheat, don’t cheat. We’re going to win, it’s the only way we can lose this state, and the numbers are in that you see what’s going on, right? Someone is going to play games and just got overtime. What’s the point of the extra time? Don’t you want to hear: November 3rd – we win, we lose, we win, we lose – now you have more time. What is going on here?”

Despite Trump’s negativity, many legal experts say that the Supreme Court decision is not a clear victory for the Democrats, and the Supreme Court continues to leave the final decision to the highest state court in Pennsylvania.

“Much of the initial reaction was that this is a great victory for the Democrats, but it’s much less clear than that,” said Kate Shaw, a law professor at Cardozo and legal advisor for ABC News. “The bottom line is that this is far less decisive than it might seem. approached the Trump campaign and Pennsylvania’s electoral board on Saturday night for additional comments.


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