Trump fires Mick Mulvaney


Back of chairs at the White House: US President Trump is apparently dissatisfied with the work of his Chief of Staff and is filling the position. Mick Mulvaney is to look after Northern Ireland from Washington in future. His successor in office has already been determined.

US President Donald Trump is replacing his White House Chief of Staff. Trump announced on Friday evening (local time) on Twitter that Republican Congressman Mark Meadows would replace Mick Mulvaney, who has been acting Chief of Staff until now.

Mulvaney, in turn, will become special envoy for Northern Ireland, Trump said. He thanked Mulvaney for his work so far and continued to write that he knew Meadows for a long time and had a very good relationship with him.

The President had last appointed Meadows to his defense team in the impeachment proceedings against him. Mulvaney had been Trump‘s chief of staff for more than a year, but had never progressed beyond the role of acting chief of staff.

During Trump‘s tenure to date, there have been an unusually high number of resignations, resignations and resignations from the government. The post of acting chief of staff is considered by far the most influential hub of political power.

Meadow is already the fourth man in this position in three years. Observers had expected a change. Mulvaney has been unhappy for some time, they say.


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