Trump campaign asks Wisconsin to recount after the election Commissioner says Biden wins state.


President Donald Trump’s campaign called for a recount of votes in Wisconsin after the state election commissioner declared Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden the winner on Wednesday.

Trump 2020 campaign manager Bill Stepien made a statement on Wednesday morning calling for a recount in Wisconsin, where Biden got 49.5 percent of the vote compared to Trump’s 48.8 percent. With 97 percent of the votes reported across the state, 1,630,337 votes are in favor of Biden and 1,609,640 votes are in favor of Trump, according to the latest Wisconsin recount in the New York Times. The Associated Press officially proclaimed Wisconsin to be Biden on Wednesday at 14:20 EST.

“Despite the ridiculous public opinion polls used as voter suppression tactics, Wisconsin was a wafer-thin race, as we always knew it would be,” the statement said. “There have been reports of irregularities in several counties of Wisconsin that raise serious doubts about the validity of the results. The President is far from demanding a recount and we will do so immediately”.

Wisconsin’s recount law states that an “aggrieved” party seeking such a recount must do so before 5:00 p.m., three days after the close of the election. The reviewed petition for a recount must state: “The petitioner is informed and believes that an error or fraud has been committed in the counting and return of votes cast for office or in response to the question in a particular district or community, or that another specific error, irregularity or illegality has occurred in the conduct of the election.

The Wisconsin Election Commission announced Wednesday that the counting of votes will be triple-checked, but all municipalities have submitted their results. In total, nearly 3.3 million votes were counted from across the state. Biden leads the Midwest Swing State with 20,697 votes, which Trump won in 2016.

“All ballots have actually been counted,” Meagan Wolfe, administrator of the Wisconsin Election Commission, told NBC News Wednesday. “We don’t see that there are any counties that have not posted their results on their websites.

An “aggrieved” party, in this case the Trump campaign, is qualified to request a recount under the Wisconsin bylaws: “For an election in which more than 4,000 votes are cast for the office the candidate seeks, a candidate who succeeds the leading candidate, as defined under “par”. (ag) 5. by not more than 1 percent of the total votes cast for that office

Although the threshold for recount has been reached in Wisconsin, the New York Times reports that the Trump campaign must pay $3 million for the recount.

This is an evolving story, check back soon with Washington Newsday for news….


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