To protest her husband’s lack of chores, a woman goes on a week-long “Wife Strike.”


To protest her husband’s lack of chores, a woman goes on a week-long “Wife Strike.”

In protest of her husband’s lack of responsibilities, a frustrated lady has gone on a week-long “wife strike.”

Following a talk with her other half, who claimed he did the most of the cleaning, Jalie resolved to stop doing any housekeeping. “He vows to God that he is the only one who cleans. “We’ll see,” she expressed her uncertainty.

Starting last week, the mother decided to create a TikTok page, simply named @wifestrike, where she has been posting day-by-day updates on the situation of her home.

On the first day, she found heaps of laundry, shoes on the floor, a cluttered bathroom counter-top, and a filthy bathroom. “Nope, not cleaning,” Jalie, from Florida, exclaims as she videos each disaster. That’s also not the case. Not this, which he left me this morning.”

The toilet had been scrubbed on day two, but she added, “I got the quiet treatment all day yesterday because of my strike.”

She filmed all of the disorderly locations she regularly fixes, like a new roll of toilet paper thrown on top of the old one, a different pair of shoes on the floor, and a mound of laundry on the couch. She answered, “Left it here for me to fold,” and added, “No sir.”

“Everything he does when I ask is SO halfazzed,” she captioned day three. As the pile of clean laundry began to pile up in the hamper, she continued her pattern of filming all the disasters her husband leaves behind. She also compared her sink to his, noting a significant difference in cleanliness.

She said, “The shoe was taken up, but the sock is lying on the floor.” The bathroom appeared to be in disarray, but Jalie subsequently verified that her husband had blamed the mess on their toddler.

While she shot the laundry room, which looked like a warzone, the stack of garments on the sofa had grown. “I couldn’t help myself in certain areas and cleaned up,” Jalie clarified, adding that the rest of her house wasn’t “total dirt.”

She did, however, point out the dishes that “he hasn’t put away.”

As day four approached, she remained steadfast, declaring, “The strike must go on!”

@wifestrikeeverything he does when I’m not in the room. This is a condensed version of the information.


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