To observe Memorial Day, Vice President Joe Biden pays tribute to the sacrifices of US military dead.


To observe Memorial Day, Vice President Joe Biden pays tribute to the sacrifices of US military dead.

On Memorial Day, Joe Biden paid tribute to America’s war dead by laying a wreath at Arlington National Cemetery and honoring the sacrifices of the fallen for the sake of democracy.

As he exhorted Americans to rise beyond the union’s divisions, the president recalled legendary historical battles and related them to the present.

In a solemn ceremony at the Virginia cemetery’s Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, he was joined by first lady Jill Biden, vice president Kamala Harris, and second gentleman Doug Emhoff.

Mr Biden moved over to the wreath, cupping it in his hands in solemn thought, then making the sign of the cross, his face tense with emotion.

He urged Americans to remember the sacrifices made by their fallen heroes in the struggle for the nation’s ideals.

Mr. Biden stated, “This nation was established on an idea.” “We were founded on a concept: liberty and opportunity for all. We’ve never entirely realized our founders’ dream, but each generation has pushed the door a little wider.”

He spent much of his address emphasizing the value of democracy, claiming that it thrives when citizens can vote, when the press is free, and when everyone has equal rights.

“Generation after generation of American heroes have volunteered to fight because they recognize the reality that every American heart knows: that emancipation, opportunity, and justice are far more likely to occur in a democracy than in an autocracy.

“These Americans didn’t fight for dictators; they fought for democracy. They weren’t trying to enslave or exclude people; they were working to build, broaden, and liberate people.

“The perennial conflict between our worst tendencies, as we’ve seen recently, and our better angels animates the soul of America. It’s a battle between myself and the people. Between avarice and charity, violence and kindness, slavery and liberty.”

Following the ceremony, the Bidens came to a halt before a row of gravestones. (This is a brief piece.)


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