This is how a rare $500 bill looks, as well as the figures that appear on it.


This is how a rare $500 bill looks, as well as the figures that appear on it.

We’re all accustomed with money, but whether you’re a millionaire or just scraping by, you’ve probably never seen a $500 bill before.

Because the founding father graces the $1 bill, George Washington is most likely the president you’re most familiar with.

Abraham Lincoln, Alexander Hamilton, and Andrew Jackson may have been longtime acquaintances, but Ulysses S. Grant was more of a stranger.

Many more notable figures appear on paper money, but due to the rarity of the bills, they are rarely recognized.

The $500 bill has two designs, one of which features John Marshall and the other William McKinley.

According to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing of the United States Department of the Treasury, the former is more elusive because it was printed in 1918, and the latter is from the 1928 and 1934 series.

One Redditor claimed to have found a genuine banknote showing McKinley and posted a photo of the money to the Mildly Interesting thread on the site.

Supershayan posted on Tuesday, “A real and very rare $500 bill,” and their post received over 50,000 upvotes.

The huge note is still legal tender in the United States, but it is rarely seen in circulation because most of it is kept in private collections.

And, despite the fact that they’re only worth $500, their true worth is significantly higher due to their scarcity, with bills selling for more than twice their face value on the internet.

Supershayan reiterated this sentiment in the comments, admitting, “Someone actually offered me $2,000 for it.”

“Governments all around the world have begun cracking down on high denomination currencies,” Excelius stated. They’re frequently employed for illegal activities such as tax evasion and drug trafficking.

“The $500 bill was phased out in 1969, and the €500 note was phased out in 2019.”

“At the moment, the $100 note is the largest denomination issued in the United States, but there have been calls to abolish it, as well as the $50 bill.”

“In my world, $50 banknotes are really rare,” Fit-Strength6533 wrote.

“My dad has one in a comparable condition to OP and he paid I guess $600 for his,” BreezyGoose shared.

“If inflation continues, the mint will have to go bankrupt,” Ok Day 675 predicted. This is a condensed version of the information.


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