The ‘World’s Largest Antisemitic Online Channel’ Is QAnon Telegram Account


The ‘World’s Largest Antisemitic Online Channel’ Is QAnon Telegram Account

One of the most prominent QAnon accounts on the encrypted messaging application Telegram, which has previously posted antisemitic conspiracy theories, appears to be coming closer to blatant Holocaust denial.

The GhostEzra Telegram account, which has over 334,000 followers, is by far the most popular QAnon account on the platform, dwarfing other proponents of the radical conspiracy theory in terms of followers and reach.

By routinely tweeting theories and misinformation that are too extreme even for other QAnon influencers, the account has quickly increased in prominence.

These include incorrectly saying that President Joe Biden is dead and is being played by a hologram or a body double wearing a mask, spreading fake information about the 2020 election and the COVID-19 epidemic, and recklessly implying that a slew of female celebrities and leaders are men.

Earlier this month, the GhostEzra account went on an antisemitic rant on Telegram, pushing his hundreds of thousands of followers to view a 12-hour-long neo-Nazi propaganda film that says Jews are to blame for both World Wars and communism.

The account has now uploaded a post debunking the Holocaust, which has already received tens of thousands of views and tens of thousands of likes.

With the phrase Holocaust in quotation quotes, GhostEzra created a map outlining the countries that have laws prohibiting Holocaust denial.

“This is something that 18 countries don’t want you to talk about. GhostEzra commented, “Usually the first sign to start talking about it.”

This isn’t a new development for the account, which recently wondered why George Soros, a billionaire philanthropist and frequent subject of antisemitic conspiracy theories, “not only survived, but prospered through” the Holocaust.

On May 13, GhostEzra announced that he is working on a World War II report but is “stuck” on the Holocaust and the reality that 6 million Jews were exterminated.

“How many people died?” On this one, I’m not sure I can trust Wikipedia’s answer,” the account continued.

“The two most controversial issues are the shape of the globe and the Holocaust,” GhostEzra said on Telegram on May 4. I wonder why this is? We should find out.”

GhostEzra is the absolute worst of the worst.. This is a brief summary.


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