The video of a “hero” Amazon driver killing a massive spider has been viewed over 9 million times.


The video of a “hero” Amazon driver killing a massive spider has been viewed over 9 million times.

One TikToker came up with a novel approach to deal with a frightening spider that has infested her front porch: she asked her Amazon delivery driver to take care of it instead. As many people pointed out, the employee went above and above the call of duty, dispatching the nefarious beast while also impressing onlookers.

The customer, identified only as Gwen, types further instructions for her Amazon delivery into the company’s app, according to the incident, which was recorded to TikTok on Wednesday by user @gwenniesanchez. The message reads, “There is a gigantic spider on my front porch that refuses to leave, and I’m too afraid to go out my front door.” “It would be fantastic if you could exterminate the spider for me. Thank you very much!” The video then cuts to a big spider crawling across Gwen’s doorbell camera’s lens.

As soon as the Amazon delivery person approaches the front door of the house, the doorbell camera captures it. He appears to notice the spider, removes his shoe, and swats the arachnid to the ground, killing it probably.


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Bo Burnham – Bezos I

The video has received over 9.8 million views and over 2 million likes thus far. Gwen, who lives “deep in the heart of Texas,” is now on the lookout for the “heroic” Amazon worker. Her caption to the video reads, “Help me find this driver so I can thank him!”

Meanwhile, viewers are hailing the delivery driver as a “hero” after being shocked by the spider’s huge size.

One commenter said, “He deserves a billion dollar bonus.”

Others quipped that the episode was proof of Amazon’s “unrivaled” customer service, or that spider-killing was a Prime-only advantage.

“I have another package coming today and I left him a note!” Gwen wrote in a follow-up video. Let’s wait and see what happens.” “Hello Amazon!” reads the note, which was left on her doorstep. Thank you very much for slaying the spider the other day! You’ve become a TikTok celebrity… TikTok users are curious about the following: 1. Are you single? 2. Do you have a Venmo account?”

Unfortunately, the video is not available. This is a condensed version of the information.


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