The United States’ ability to fight cyberwarfare is hampered by a lack of cyber talent.


The United States’ ability to fight cyberwarfare is hampered by a lack of cyber talent.

Every 39 seconds, a cyber attack on public and private targets in the United States happens.

Recent cyberattacks on the Colonial Pipeline and SolarWinds have brought the issue to the forefront as businesses scramble to defend their digital infrastructure, which has become increasingly important in the aftermath of the pandemic.

However, both the public and private sectors in the United States experience a chronic scarcity of competent labor. According to a 2020 poll by (ISC)2, a cybersecurity training nonprofit, 359,000 American positions remain unfilled.

Increased demand for cybersecurity experts, and the resulting shortage of supply, isn’t just a concern in the United States. According to (ISC)2, countries such as France, Germany, Australia, and the United Kingdom each require more than 25,000 new workers, with some requiring far more.

The United States, on the other hand, has by far the largest cybersecurity business of any of the other nations featured in the research, with more than 879,000 people, and the greatest demand for new employees to join its workforce.

“Anything you can do to create (cybersecurity jobs) is definitely needed because of the volume of threat actors and malware,” Mark Ostrowski, chief of engineering for Check Point Software’s US East Coast, told This website. “It’s incredible how quickly they’ve grown.”

With over 1.5 billion IP addresses, the United States has considerably more entities vulnerable to assault than any other country. China has a population more than four times that of the United States, but only 330 million IP addresses.

Pipelines, the food supply chain, and healthcare systems are just some of the sectors that might be targeted. According to Ostrowski, the agencies that are most important during times of crisis may become the most targeted. Just last month, hospitals in Southern California became victims of this epidemic.

Nonetheless, cybersecurity remains a small but growing field, and Ostrowski said most people in the industry know each other. When he started with Check Point 18 years ago, they had five employees. Now it’s up to 30.

Despite the growth, demand continues to increase, yet Check Point often cannot find the ideal candidate for job. Ostrowski said he often must hire individuals. This is a brief summary.


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