The Trump administration established the Office for Victims of Immigrant Crimes, which was later closed by the Biden administration.


The Trump administration established the Office for Victims of Immigrant Crimes, which was later closed by the Biden administration.

The administration of President Joe Biden stated Friday that a U.S. office for assisting victims of immigration offenses, which was established by previous President Donald Trump, has been dissolved.

Trump’s Victim Of Immigration Crime Engagement Office (VOICE) is being replaced by The Victims Engagement and Services Line, which is described as “a more comprehensive and inclusive victim care system” by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The new organization will bring together services that have already been developed, such as reporting ways for abuse in immigration detention camps. “Providing assistance to society’s most needy is a key American value,” stated Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. Everyone should be allowed to access victim assistance without fear, regardless of immigration status.”

VOICE was founded in January 2017 as a result of Trump’s executive order, which was one of his first acts as president. The closure of Trump’s office comes after Biden’s April directive to US officials to avoid using terminology like “illegal alien” and instead use the word “undocumented noncitizen” when referring to individuals without a U.S. visa or those who have overstayed their visa.

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The dismantling of VOICE represents Biden’s rejection of Trump’s frequent attempts to link immigration to crime.

VOICE will be replaced by “a more comprehensive and inclusive victim assistance system,” according to US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Long-standing existing services, such as mechanisms for people to report abuses in immigration detention centers and a notification system for lawyers and others with a vested interest in immigration matters, will be merged into the Victims Engagement and Services Line.

In addition, the agency will offer a service to possible visa seekers who are victims of human trafficking or violent crimes in the United States.

Between the two administrations, there has been a noticeable shift in tone on immigration.

Despite the fact that there is little evidence that immigrants contribute to crime—and studies that show they are less likely to commit a crime—Trump insisted on establishing a link between immigrants and crime.

He began his presidential campaign in 2016 by portraying illegal immigrants from Mexico as violent criminals, and he regularly mentioned the MS-13 gang, which was founded by Salvadoran immigrants.

Trump brought “angel families”—people whose loved ones had been victims of immigration-related crimes—to campaign rallies and high-profile speeches to advocate his immigration agenda.

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