The Ministry of Justice should look for British police evidence about Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein, the biographer claims.


Prince Andrew’s Royal Protectors were to testify before the FBI about allegations that he had sex with a victim of trafficking by Jeffrey Epstein, a biographer told Washington Newsday.

The Duke of York is in a stalemate with the Department of Justice over whether he will testify in the investigation of the New York financier.

However, sources close to the Royal in October told Washington Newsday that he would clear his name and then return to public life.

Barry Levine told Washington Newsday that investigators could force Andrew’s testimony if they first received evidence from Metropolitan Police Task Force 14, which provides the Royal protection.

The author of Epstein’s biography The Spider, published last month, said: “It became very clear to me that members of the SO14 unit assigned to him are able to testify.

“We have very specific allegations at the very first meeting of the SO14 unit, which invaded Ghislaine Maxwell’s London townhouse and vetted Virginia Roberts before allowing Prince Andrew to enter.

“My gut feeling tells me that there are members of this task force who know full well that these allegations are true. I would like to see what evidence there is, what station logs they might have.

Virginia Giuffre claims that she was flown to Britain and forced to have sex with Prince Andrew in the London townhouse of the alleged Epstein accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell.

She says they met again in the New York villa of the financier and on his private island Little St. James in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Andrew denies the allegations and says he cannot remember ever having met Giuffre, although there is a photograph of him with an arm around her naked waist.

Levine said the pursuit of his police department’s evidence could force Andrew to testify in full before the FBI, which is treating him as a witness and not a target.

He told Washington Newsday: “Yes, I think if there is a way to expedite Andrew’s testimony. It would be to get SO14’s testimony first because they know his secrets.

“They know he was there, they know that although they did not witness the injustice that was done, they can testify with certainty that Prince Andrew was at Virginia Roberts and spent time in the house. This refutes Prince Andrew’s claim that he never met the young woman.

The FBI first asked Andrew to testify in January, and over the summer he was involved in a war of words with Geoffrey Berman, then US Attorney for the Southern District of New York.

The Duke’s legal team said he repeatedly offered to testify, but Berman accused him of trying to “falsely present himself in public as eager and cooperative.

Levine added: “At the moment, Prince Andrew is mostly hanging in the wind and he is facing a real dilemma.

“The fact that he says he has never met her is to some extent much worse than saying he has been introduced to her, but the accusations she makes against him are false.

“He has put himself in a very bad position by completely denying any knowledge of having ever met her. I think they should look around him, and for me the security department is certainly the right way.

“I hope that the government will work with the FBI and the SDNY to achieve this.

Hester Cavaciuti and Kate Goold of the Bindmans law firm said in an article for their company’s website that the scope of the MLA request was “very broad”.

Ghislaine Maxwell Deposition should include the name of Prince Andrew: Lawyers

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They wrote: “In the case of Prince Andreas, for example, investigators could demand that he give testimony or provide documents and/or property related to the investigation.

“Although Prince Andreas cannot be forced to cooperate, investigators have the full range of powers available to domestic investigators and prosecutors to obtain evidence, including witness summonses and search warrants.

“Thus, if Prince Andrew chooses not to cooperate with investigators at an early stage, he opens himself and the Royal Family to more invasive investigative practices that could be far more embarrassing to the Royal Family.

The Prince was forced to resign in November after a disastrous television interview with BBC’s Emily Maitlis in which he refused to say that he s


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