The men on board the plane that crashed in the Florida Everglades were on their way to get tacos.


The men on board the plane that crashed in the Florida Everglades were on their way to get tacos.

On Tuesday, two men who chose to fly across Florida to buy tacos were forced to land in the Everglades.

At around 10 a.m. on Tuesday, Jose Ecarri, 21, and a pilot friend were flying from Tamiami to Arcadia in a Piper PA-32 small plane when the aircraft’s sole engine failed. According to NBC 6, the two had to make an emergency landing along a highway in the Everglades.

The two men were unharmed in the incident and were able to evacuate the plane soon after landing. A Miami-Dade Fire Rescue aircraft rescued them from the disaster site at midday, hoisting them to safety using a harness.

The rescue was seen on camera by Local 10 News on Tuesday, with the men wandering about the jet while waiting for the chopper. The footage from Local 10 appears to demonstrate that the plane was not seriously damaged.

Members of Miami-Dade Fire Rescue brought Ecarri’s companion back to Tamiami, while the 21-year-old was brought to a neighboring fire control station. He was reunited with his mother there, and the two were photographed embracing.

“We were, like, 2,000 feet and we had an engine failure,” Ecarri told Local 10 on Tuesday afternoon. He also said that when the jet had safely landed on the field, he and his friend “looked at one other and said, ‘We’re alive.'” This isn’t something that happens very often.”

The couple had been attempting to land the plane on the I-75 Highway when the engine failed, but were unable to “make it,” forcing them to crash in a field near the road, according to the 21-year-old.

“People don’t generally survive events like this, and with the rate we were going down, we were in a dive,” Ecarri said. “I was thinking about my grandpa. He’s up there and he will save me. He saved me today.”

Ecarri said he and his friend had decided to fly more than 100 miles across Florida on Tuesday morning to buy tacos—and revealed that he and his mother still planned to buy some later in the day.

Taqueria Queretaro, a taco truck near the City of Arcadia Municipal Airport, posted about the crash on Facebook on Wednesday.

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