The Louisiana Legislature falls two votes short of overturning a veto on a transgender sports ban.


The Louisiana Legislature falls two votes short of overturning a veto on a transgender sports ban.

A veto on a transgender sports ban is overturned by the Louisiana Legislature by two votes.

On Wednesday, an attempt to overturn Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards’ veto of a law prohibiting transgender athletes from participating in school sports in Louisiana was defeated by two votes, a major setback for Republic-led efforts to enforce the law in an unprecedented veto session that has seen no bill rejections.

The Senate narrowly overrode the governor’s veto, but the House fell short of the two votes required for a two-thirds majority to override the governor.

Democrats were unimpressed by Republican arguments, falling short of a supermajority vote that would have, for the first time in three decades, overridden a governor veto.

“The last thing you want to do is give away those big events in exchange for a bill that does nothing to alleviate the situation on the ground in Louisiana. “It just isn’t happening,” Edwards said.

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Edwards learnt about the incident while on the air for his monthly radio show. Overriding the veto, he asserted, would have put Louisiana at risk of losing major sporting events or conventions due to a non-existent issue.

The Republicans were defeated during an unusual veto session, the first time under the almost 50-year-old constitution that lawmakers returned to the Louisiana Capitol to consider enacting proposals that the governor had rejected. In the 1990s, the previous two veto overrides took place during normal sessions, when lawmakers were already present.

Other Republican-led attempts to overturn Edwards’ rejection of measures, such as one to relax the rules for carrying concealed guns in Louisiana, failed.

The transgender sports ban was a primary impetus behind the extraordinary veto session, after gaining bipartisan veto-proof support in the regular session. According to Republican legislators, Louisiana residents demanded a law prohibiting transgender athletes from competing on school sports teams of their designated gender.

The failure of the House GOP to muster the essential votes comes just two days after Republican House Speaker Clay Schexnayder told reporters that his chamber had the necessary votes to override the veto.

The House, on the other hand, voted 68 to 30 on Wednesday. It required 70 votes to pass. On Tuesday, the Senate will convene. The following is a condensed version of the data.


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