The Internet is in tatters after a video of a non-athletic dog attempting an obstacle course went viral.


Video of non-sporting dog trying an obstacle course has the Internet in stitches.

We’ve all been charmed by the nimble dogs jumping gracefully, executing directions, and doing feats at Crufts, the “world’s best dog show.”

Many people are inspired by the dog show to begin training their own dogs in the hopes of obtaining even a fraction of the grace and poise demonstrated on television by the well trained mutts.

Which is why a video of a clumsy puppy trying and failing miserably to complete a basic obstacle course has the internet in stitches. Fred Schultz shared a 25-second-long clip to Twitter on Wednesday, where it’s since been viewed more than 2.5 million times.

It shows the owner demonstrating some fundamental routines with their beige puppy, who appears to be a Golden Labrador, weaving between seven poles before finishing with a tiny jump.

However, the dog appears confused at best as the owner guides it by the leash in between the poles before the final act—the jump. The dog appears to walk directly into the bar, with just a half-hearted attempt to get one paw over it, leaving it sprawled over the bar.

Its back legs are tangled on the pole as it makes no effort to rise up and simply collapses on the grass. The owner and videographer giggle as it lies there for a time, obviously pleased in what appears to be an awkward posture.

It eventually tries to climb entirely over the bar by kicking its back legs, and just before the tape finishes, it ultimately utilizes its front legs to rise up and appears to clear the obstruction.

“Not all dogs are athletic,” Shultz, from Illinois, captioned the video, which can be viewed here. The video became popular after viral video expert Rex Chapman posted it on his page, writing, “Some doggos aren’t made for the obstacle course.” “Be patient…”

“I like how he just laid there for a minute lol,” James Michael Krause said in one of the many comments on the humorous video.

Jon declared, “My spirit animal, love him.”


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