The Internet is in shambles as a result of a montage of pets high on sedatives.


The Internet is in shambles as a result of a montage of pets high on sedatives.

We’ve all seen footage of people acting strangely and going off on tangents while taking painkillers, and it appears that animals are no exception.

A veterinarian shared a humorous montage of cats and dogs who appear to be under the effect of sedatives, and it’s safe to say they appear to be rather relaxed. Bry, who describes himself as a veterinarian, posted the video to his TikTok page on Friday, and it has since received over 13 million views.

“Sometimes the drugs just hit different,” he captioned the video, which was paired to Afroman’s appropriately themed track “Because I Got High.” It features a montage of seven dogs and one cat, all of them appear to be inebriated as a result of medication.

Their mouths are wagging, their tails are wagging, and some of them are sleeping in strange configurations, their faces pressed against the cage. Others are swaddled in blankets and appear to be suffering from a severe hangover.

Many viewers commented on the video, asking if the animals were in agony, to which Bry responded, “They’re completely fine!” After sedation for ordinary dental work, I’m just going down.”

When asked why the fifth animal’s fur was in what appeared to be a cast, Bry responded that it was to “keep the blood and tartar out of her hair.” However, the second dog’s effort at a tail wag seems to have struck a chord with viewers.

“That anaesthetized tail way has me remembering on my efforts to do daily activities while under the influence,” Stephanie anne90 stated.

“#2 is trying to wag his tail, but he’s too high to do it correctly,” Erin Brown said.

After receiving multiple remarks on the mutt, Bry eventually revealed what was going on. “Girl, I’m going to be honest with you, he was pooping in that video. He said, “I didn’t know until I went to stay with him in his kennel after.”


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Afroman’s “Because I Got High”

Grace, another commenter, remarked, “Give me whatever they’re on.”

“We need more,” Maria Patterson said. This is insufficient.”

“I just choked on air,” says the narrator.


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