The Governor of the GOP Maryland, Hogan, praises Biden, even though he did not vote for him.


Maryland Republican Governor Larry Hogan says he did not vote for Democratic candidate Joe Biden, but he praises his message of uniting Americans and working across party lines.

In an interview broadcast on Friday before Biden was predicted to win Saturday’s presidential election, Hogan told Margaret Hoover on PBS Firing Line that he did not support either of the two presidential candidates in the 2020 election, but that he supported Biden’s speech over the president’s speech on Wednesday.

“I think it was a great message for Vice President Biden,” Hogan said, referring to the speech Biden delivered the day after the polls closed. “I thought it hit the mark, and it is almost the exact opposite of the kind of tirades we had heard from the President just a few hours earlier, early in the morning.

Gov @GovLarryHogan did not vote for @JoeBiden, but praised his promise to be an American and non-partisan president.

âI hope that this tone will be maintained,â said Hogan. People want us all to come together and focus on solving the really serious problems facing our nation.â

– Firing Line with Margaret Hoover (@FiringLineShow) November 6, 2020

The moderate Republican governor went on to say that he considers Biden’s efforts to bring Americans together crucial in this divisive time, and he hopes his tone will continue.

“It is a very divisive time, but I think most people in the country really have had enough and are frustrated by the anger and division on both sides of the aisle,” he said.

Hogan is one of several Republican leaders who have criticized Trump for his unsubstantiated claims that the Democrats stole the election from him, describing his rhetoric as “an attack on our entire Democratic process.

“Making these kinds of accusations and attacks off the base, questioning the results and claiming victory, and raising questions for which there was no evidence, was really inappropriate,” he said.

Hogan said he knew other Republican leaders who felt the same way.

“I know that more Republican leaders think that way, and I hope that they will continue to raise their voices,” he said, adding that “people are beginning to feel a little more comfortable” when they speak out against the president.

Other GOP leaders who have publicly denounced President Trump’s false claims of victory include former New Jersey governor Chris Christie and former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum.

Others have stated that the president must present substantial evidence of electoral fraud rather than speak out on the issue without evidence to support his claims.

Ellen Weintraub of the Federal Election Commission told CNN on Saturday that there was “no evidence of any kind of electoral fraud. There is no evidence of illegal voting,” said Ellen Weintraub of the Federal Election Commission.

In response, Trump loyalists, including members of his family and his lawyer Rudy Guiliani, have tweeted various attacks against the GOP, saying they “will never forget the lack of support from Republican officials.

On Saturday, several news channels, including Associated Press, CNN and MSNBC, announced that Joe Biden had defeated President Donald Trump to become the next President of the United States.

Washington Newsday has contacted the Trump campaign about his allegations of electoral fraud in the 2020 elections, but did not receive a response in time for publication.


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