The GOP chair says Dems “manipulated” the system and used COVID as an excuse.


Republican party leader Ronna McDaniel claimed that the Democrats “rigged” the election against President Donald Trump by using the COVID 19 pandemic as a “pretext” for changing electoral rules at the state level.

In Thursday’s Fox News, McDaniel reiterated the Trump campaign’s complaint about the counting of ballots days after the election, arguing that changes in state election rules were “wrong against Republicans” and the commander-in-chief.

However, the GOP chief official also said that the results of the major races for the House of Representatives and Senate were a “total rejection” of Democrats who lost their seats or failed to oust Republican legislators from the legislative chambers.

Speaking to Fox & Friends this morning about the delay in the election results, McDaniel said, “We’ll take it to court. Whatever the Democrats did… because of the corona virus they went to states like Pennsylvania and Nevada and changed the electoral laws. Democratic lawmakers, in the case of Pennsylvania the Democratic governors, said that the ballots could be counted until the Friday after the election, even if there is no postmark.

“So many things that cause uncertainty, and they used COVID as an excuse, and it was allowed to happen, and it is just wrong. And it’s fake, and it’s wrong against the president. It’s wrong against the Republicans, and now they won’t let us watch.

At the beginning of the program, the Republican Chairman was more positive about the party’s performance in the House and Senate downhill elections on election day.

“There could be as many as 10 seats in the House of Representatives that we take. I’m sure Nancy is upset because our candidates outnumbered our candidates four, five, six to one,” McDaniel said. “They poured money into these states, it was a total rejection of the Democrats and their socialist agenda and to say we’re going to stack the Supreme Court and raise taxes.

Washington Newsday has asked the Democratic National Committee for a comment. This article will be updated with each response.

The GOP leader complained about “rigged” election campaigns, as President Trump continued to make unsubstantiated allegations of electoral fraud and demanded that vote counting be stopped in the major swing states before all ballots have been counted.

“Last night I led, often solidly, in many key states, in almost all cases the Democrats ran and controlled. Then, one by one, they magically began to disappear when the ballots were surprisingly counted,” Trump twittered on Wednesday. “VERY GREAT STRING, and the ‘pollsters’ got it completely and historically wrong!

In a speech before the White House in the early hours of Wednesday morning, Trump also falsely claimed to have won the election and that the trial was a “big scam” for the American public.

Since then, the President’s re-election campaign has since filed lawsuits in several key states where votes are still to be counted, and has raised various complaints about the vote count and transparency.

Following the filing of such a lawsuit in Michigan, which was declared yesterday for the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien said: “President Trump’s campaign has not been given meaningful access to numerous counting sites to observe the opening of the ballots and the counting process as guaranteed by the law in Michigan”.


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