The GOP candidate compares the US election to Afghanistan and says the Progressive Liberals look like the Taliban.


A Republican congressional candidate in Pennsylvania compared this year’s presidential race to Afghanistan and said that “progressive liberals look a lot like the Taliban.

GOP candidate Kathy Barnette filed one of several lawsuits in the state after Donald Trump made groundless claims that the election was a “serious fraud on the nation.

The President and his team further argued that the ballots sent by mail left the election open to fraud without any evidence.

As more and more postal ballots are counted, Joe Biden has moved forward in the race. Votes are still counted in major states, but many major news agencies and the Associated Press have called on both Wisconsin and Michigan to vote for Biden, and it is reported that the Democrats are taking the lead from Trump in other states as well.

In Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, Barnette is suing the district for allowing some voters to fix or “cure” technical problems with their ballots before election day.

Barnette said she was initially ahead in the race against incumbent Democratic Congresswoman Madeleine Dean, but when more votes were counted, Dean emerged as the winner with 254,169 (59.2 percent) of the vote, to Barnette’s 175,080 (40.8 percent).

In an interview with Fox News on Thursday, she said: “Every legal vote should count. What we saw across our country on Tuesday is the story of two elections”.

Barnette claimed that the first election took place in Tuesday’s election and that she beat her opponents “with the left”.

“I even got more votes than the president, which shows that my American message had a crossover effect,” she said. But she went on to say that the second election lasted “almost 30 days,” which she said was “just ridiculous.

She said, “I have no idea how we as Americans have allowed the largest nation to become the equivalent of elections as the equivalent of Afghanistan with progressive liberals who look a lot like the Taliban.

“It shouldn’t be as ugly as it was not knowing who the election workers were.

At the beginning of the interview, she was asked about her motives for bringing charges.

She told Fox News: “I do this, firstly because I believe that every vote counts and we still have several thousand votes that have not been counted. We have a number of provisional ballots that have not even been touched.

“I also filed this lawsuit because we have a problem with voter integrity here in Pennsylvania and especially in my district. It’s the right thing to do.”

Barnette went on to claim that her team did not have access to the area where the ballots were being held, but when they were given access, they found it “filled with several thousand ballots that were simply lying around the hall unsecured.

She also claimed that her team saw that we saw “a number of other things” that “gave us a big break.

She added: “For me personally, this is so much bigger than victory or defeat. As I said before, there is an integrity problem. This is for the voters. Voters will win because we will protect the integrity of the way we voted here in Pennsylvania.

The latest on Barnette’s lawsuit

A federal judge has taken a skeptical view of Barnette’s suit, Politico reports.

The lawsuit seeks to cast votes in Montgomery County after residents were apparently contacted with the possibility of fixing or “curing” problems with their absentee ballots.

During a hearing on Wednesday morning, District Judge Timothy Savage, according to Politico, was skeptical about some of the arguments presented by Barnette’s attorney.

Thomas Breth, one of Barnette’s attorneys, reportedly said the Pennsylvania Supreme Court had concluded that the law prohibits districts from allowing voters to correct mistakes they have made in filling out or packing their ballots.

“I’m not sure,” Savage allegedly said in response. “Is that exactly what was said, or was it said that there is no mandatory rule that the electoral board must do this? He added, “Was it not the legislative intent of the Statute we are talking about to free the voters, not disenfranchise them?

Breth is reportedly scheduled to file a supplemental brief on Thursday by 9 a.m., and then Michele


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