The Democrats in Florida judge what went wrong for Biden with the Latinos in the state.


One of the reasons why the election is still doubtful is that President Donald Trump won Florida decisively, with a much stronger performance than in 2016, especially among Latin American voters.

This has led to recriminations and the attempt by Florida Democrats and experts to perform an autopsy less than 24 hours later to understand what happened.

Biden won the Latinos by only 52 percent to 47 percent, a disappointing decline from Hillary Clinton’s 62 percent support four years ago and a significant 35 percent improvement for Trump, according to the polls. This year, the Associated Press conducted its own exit survey, which showed that Biden’s lead has increased from 54 percent to 45 percent.

Still, the numbers told the story in Miami-Dade County, where Clinton beat Trump by nearly 30 points, but Biden won by only 7.3 percent.

A respected Democrat in the state called the Miami-Dade results a “wipe-out” for Biden.

“+8 Biden in Miami-Dade is an erasure,” the source said in a text message to Washington Newsday. “Obama ’08 was +16, which was my worst case [scenario]”.

One factor in the loss of Biden’s support, Democrats and Republicans in the state believe, was the way the Trump campaign, its deputies and supporters were able to back up the claim that Biden and the Democrats were card-holding socialists and communists.

“The Biden campaign has been slow to defend itself against the attacks,” former Florida Republican Congressman Carlos Curbelo told MSNBC. “Of course, the Republicans’ election for the attacks here in Florida’s Hispanic community was that label of socialism that they used against the Democrats and that scared away many Latino voters from the middle of the road who in the past voted Democratic but now believe the Democratic Party has moved too far to the left.

The Biden campaign believes that they have faced an unprecedented campaign of misinformation about whether the Democrats are socialists or communists, and that it is a great task to address this misinformation with conservative-minded Latinos in the state, such as Cubans and Venezuelans, and then get those same voters to support Biden.

The campaign clearly wanted to do better, but they do not believe that Clinton-level support in the state would have made a difference.

“If you give Biden Clinton’s Latino numbers, we still lose Florida,” Biden pollster Matt Barreto told Washington Newsday. “Trump had a strength among Florida whites that people hoped he didn’t have. The losses among white voters are what cost us Florida”.

But some in Florida are bothered by the story that Biden was plagued by misinformation that led to his losing support among the Latinos.

“This is bullshit****,” said a veteran Florida Republican. “That’s a little insulting for the disinformation stuff. I’ve seen screenshots of what people are talking about. I can’t think of too many people I met in Miami who can’t think for themselves. It is a very bossy, strong city”.

However, the Florida Republican admitted that while Clinton faced attacks from socialism, the operation against Biden was intensified and spread.

The accusations about the secret ideologies of Biden and Harris were not only spread through traditional media like Spanish language radio stations, but also through YouTube, WhatsApp and Facebook.

Is it an absurd claim to call Joe Biden a communist? Yes, but the only thing that is even more absurd is that Joe Biden and the Democrats do not face, refute, or overcome this claim.
Fernand Amandi, former top adviser for President Barack Obama’s Latino voter survey

Fernand Amandi, the former top consultant for Obama’s Latino voter survey, was concerned that Biden would face these problems on election day and talked about them in the weeks and months leading up to his defeat on Tuesday.

“Is it an absurd claim to call Joe Biden a Communist? Yes, but the only thing that is even more absurd is that Joe Biden and the Democrats do not confront, refute and overcome it,” Amandi said on Newsday in Washington.

The Biden campaign tried to place ads in Florida comparing Trump to strong men like Nicolas Maduro from Venezuela and addressing the charges against Biden.

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