The Cookie Survey of the Bakery Pennsylvania, which correctly predicted the last 3 elections, has a trump card as winner of the year 2020.


A survey conducted by a bakery in Pennsylvania predicted that Donald Trump will win the U.S. presidential election in 2020.

Lochel’s family-owned bakery in the town of Hatboro sold Trump and Joe Biden-themed cookies and found that the Trump-themed cookies surpassed the Democratic candidate’s baked replicas by almost 6 to 1.

The store also reported that customers from nearby states drove to the bakery to buy the cookies. “We had a man drive from Staten Island twice for them,” bakery owner Kathleen Lochel told Fox News.

According to the bakery, the poll correctly predicted the last three results of the presidential election, including the 2016 election in which Trump won. “We plan to add them up [tonight]to get our final score,” she told Fox News. She confirmed that Trump was ahead of Biden, selling 28,000 Trump cookies to 5,000 for Biden.

“By the end of today’s sales, if you know the orders we have on hand, [Trump cookie sales] should probably move up to 29,000,” she told Fox News. The final count will take place on election night.

Lochel’s Bakery is a third-generation family business. It was founded over 70 years ago in Philadelphia and moved to Hatboro in November 1995 after a fire in the original premises. The company sells a variety of pastries and cakes and also makes occasional desserts such as wedding cakes.

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This is not the only bakery that predicts a trump victory. Another cookie survey was conducted by an Ohio bakery – Busken Bakery – which also saw Trump’s popularity rise above Biden’s.

The Cincinnati-based bakery sold boxes of cookies with caricatures of Biden and Trump. The bakery correctly predicted the outcome of the last nine elections.

As of October 30th, the number of Trump cookies sold was 18,025 compared to 13,066 at Biden’s. Some buyers have remained impartial as 8,408 packs representing the Cookie Party have been sold.

Back in Pennsylvania, Lochel’s Bakery will produce a “celebratory” cookie when the winner of the U.S. election is announced. The owner also told Fox News that this was the busiest time the bakery had ever seen, including the pre-Christmas period.

While its patrons have voted Trump the winner, the race for the U.S. presidency is still underway. For more information about the nearest polling place, visit


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