The Bootleg Fire in Oregon has grown to over 394k acres, which is more than half the size of Rhode Island.


The Bootleg Fire in Oregon has grown to over 394k acres, which is more than half the size of Rhode Island.

Overnight, the Bootleg Wildfire in Oregon exploded to over 394,000 acres, about half the size of Rhode Island.

The Bootleg Fire has burned at least 394,407 acres and is presently 32 percent contained, according to statistics provided on the InciWeb national wildfire incident site.

According to state acreage data published by the United States Department of Agriculture, Rhode Island has a total area of approximately 788,000 acres. The Bootleg Fire has grown to be more than half the size of Rhode Island in just a few days.

Officials announced on Tuesday that the fire had burnt 364,113 acres and was 30 percent containment. The cause of the Bootleg Fire, which was first reported by officials on July 6, remains unknown as officials continue to investigate and seek to put out the fire.

“For the tenth day in a row, firefighters have been forced to move to safety zones due to intense fire behavior in the afternoon and evening. Parts of the fire received a trace amount of rain from thunderstorms in the area yesterday evening,” fire officials wrote in a Tuesday night InciWeb statement. “As workers patrol, they search for ways to reduce hazards to the fire’s controlled line. Returning property owners are advised to exercise caution because hazardous hot spots and fire-weakened trees can still be seen across the area.”

“Fighting this fire is a marathon, not a sprint,” said Rob Allen, Incident Commander for PNW Incident Management Team 2, which is responding to the Bootleg Fire.

“We’re in this for as long as it takes to safely confine this monster,” Allen concluded.

Officials have continued to update evacuation orders for areas around the fire, and you can see a full interactive map of the various evacuations here.

Marcus Kauffman, an Oregon Department of Forestry spokesperson, told The New York Times on Monday that the Bootleg Fire “is so enormous and generating so much energy and intense heat that it’s altering the weather.”

“Normally, the weather forecasts the course of the fire. The fire is forecasting what the weather will do in this case, according to Kauffman of the New York Times.

Officials believe that the Bootleg Fire will not be entirely contained until late fall, despite the fact that it is presently 32 percent contained.

Doug Grafe, the chief of fire protection for the, said at a press conference on Tuesday. This is a condensed version of the information.


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