The ballots in North Carolina will be counted for at least another week, the election officials say.


Some 117,000 outstanding postal ballots still need to be accounted for in North Carolina, and election officials say they will not be audited for another week.

On Wednesday, North Carolina State Board Executive Director Karen Brinson Bell said that the counties will hold meetings on November 12 and 13 for postal voting and provisional counting of the ballots that will account for the remaining outstanding votes in the state.

This could mean that North Carolina’s election results will probably not be determined for at least another eight days.

“With very few exceptions, North Carolina’s numbers would shift before November 12 or 13,” she said.

Among the 117,000 outstanding ballots could be voters who requested an absentee ballot but chose not to vote, or voters who chose instead to cast their votes in person on November 3.

However, the full result of these outstanding ballots will not be known to the electoral board until a week from now.

“The actual voting is over, but the election is not over yet,” said Damon Circosta, chairman of the State Electoral Committee.

North Carolina had a record turnout this year with 74 percent of registered voters casting their vote. Out of 5.5 million ballots, approximately 977,000 votes were cast through postal votes, Circosta said.


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