The Aquarium has shared a hilarious string of drunk text messages from a recent visitor.


The Aquarium has shared a hilarious string of drunk text messages from a recent visitor.

When you’re inebriated, there are worse individuals to contact than an aquarium.

The South Carolina Aquarium shared photos of an amusing and educational text interaction that took place after a recent visitor texted the aquarium’s “Text an Educator” hotline while inebriated.

When someone texts the “Ask an Aquarium Educator” number while inebriated… #chsnews

May 24, 2021 — South Carolina Aquarium (@SCaquarium)

“Any public admission tourist or South Carolina Aquarium member who attends can text an Educator,” said Brent Duncan, the aquarium’s Senior Manager of Advertising and Community Engagement, to Washington Newsday. “Most of the questions we get are from first-time visitors who are unfamiliar with the South Carolina Aquarium and its exhibits. For example, people have given us images of an animal or object they discovered at the beach and have asked for our assistance in identifying the animal or object.”

The aquarium’s educators are in charge of addressing inquiries received to the phone, which receives roughly 10 messages every day. This was the first time the number had received inebriated SMS, according to them.

Duncan stated, “Our crew thought it was hilarious.” “We had a great time reading the questions and, frankly, many of us had a good laugh.

“Actually, the questions posed were thoughtful, and as you can see from this person’s response the next morning, the intoxicated texter and our educator who responded enjoyed the humor,” Duncan wrote.

The inebriated texter wanted to know, among other things, “when was the area initially populated,” and “why should I only eat oysters in months that begin with the letter R.” Between 10:30 p.m. and well after midnight, the SMS were sent.

The instructor attentively answered to the intoxicated texter’s several questions the next morning. They shared a brief history of the area and explained that the oyster rule “comes from the fact that bacteria that is harmful to humans is more likely to be present in warmer seasons that do not end with an R.”

The two traded jokes after the instructor sent the reply.

The aquarium visitor expressed his gratitude by saying, “Thank you so much for all your replies.” “My wife should be relieved that I text aquariums instead of other ladies while I’m drunk.”

In jest, the instructor replied: “Of course. This is a condensed version of the information.


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