Texas legislators are urging Gov. Abbott to reverse the state’s ban on masks in schools, citing the Delta Variant.


Texas legislators are urging Gov. Abbott to reverse the state’s ban on masks in schools, citing the Delta Variant.

As kids return in the coming weeks amid the COVID-19 Delta variant epidemic, a group of Texas politicians is urging Governor Greg Abbott to allow schools to enforce masks.

31 legislators signed a petition to Governor Greg Abbott, a Republican, on Friday, urging him to remove a ban on mask mandates in schools and provide virtual learning choices for pupils this fall, according to WFAA.

Texas State Representative Vikki Goodwin, a Democrat, shared the petition on Twitter on Saturday.

The Delta version is causing concern among parents. They want schools to take safeguards, such as requiring masks and providing virtual learning opportunities. Due to Governor Abbott’s instructions, these options are not available. I requested reconsideration in this letter. Thirty-one of my coworkers signed it. pic.twitter.com/vNdFfXYzeZ #txlege

Rep. Vikki Goodwin (@VikkiGoodwinTX) (@VikkiGoodwinTX) (@VikkiGoodwinTX) (@VikkiGoodwinTX) (@Vi

“Children under the age of twelve are not eligible for the COVID vaccine, which means they can infect their classmates, teachers, and family members. Putting them all in the same building without masks is a bad idea,” the petition stated.

“The parents and school officials who have contacted us are concerned about these youngsters and want to see districts given the autonomy they need to make the best decisions for their students,” the statement said.

Abbott signed an executive order in May preventing governmental bodies in Texas from issuing mask mandates, including school districts, counties, towns, and public health officials.

Abbott remarked at the time, “The Lone Star State continues to defeat COVID-19 via the use of readily available vaccines, antibody therapy medicines, and safe practices used by Texans in our communities.”

He continued, “We can continue to mitigate COVID-19 while defending Texans’ right to choose whether or not to mask up.”

Abbott’s office did not respond to a request for comment for this story from This Website.

Despite mounting cases, Abbott indicated earlier this month that he was opposed to requiring pupils to wear masks in school.

According to the Texas Tribune, Abbott stated, “Kids will not be forced to wear masks in school by the government or by schools.” “They can wear a mask if their parents want them to, but there will be no official obligation ordering them.”

The legislators who have petitioned Abbott cite to an increase in instances in Texas. This is a condensed version of the information.


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