Ted Cruz Tweets Newsom: ‘Cancun Is Much Nicer Than Cabo’ as he jokes about fleeing a winter storm.


Ted Cruz Tweets Newsom: ‘Cancun Is Much Nicer Than Cabo’ as he jokes about fleeing a winter storm.

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas appeared to make a reference to his controversial trip to Cancn in early 2021 when replying to a tweet that chastised California Governor Gavin Newsom for spending Thanksgiving with his family in Mexico.

“Cancun is far nicer than Cabo,” the Republican senator tweeted, seemingly comparing his holiday spot in Mexico to Newsom’s.

Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis was named acting governor by Newsom’s office earlier this week while the Democrat was out of the country. Newsom’s office informed The Washington Newsday that the trip to Cabo San Lucas is the first time he has left the country since the coronavirus pandemic began nearly two years ago.

According to the Associated Press, Newsom is likely to return to his home state this weekend.

In a blog post earlier this week, Kevin Kiley, a state legislator who was one of several Republicans who ran against Newsom during the state’s governor recall election in September, attacked Newsom for his choice to leave the state. Newsom’s recent decision to prolong California’s state of emergency until the end of March 2022 was addressed by Kiley.

On March 4, 2020, Newsom declared a state of emergency for the first time. California became the first state to implement a lockdown in response to concerns about the virus’s spread less than three weeks later, on Newsom’s orders.

On Monday, Kiley tweeted, “With California in the midst of a ‘State of Emergency,’ Governor Newsom is vacationing in Mexico for the next week.” Kiley added in a subsequent tweet on Tuesday evening, “True, Gavin Newsom is not our current governor. He’s handed up the throne to the Lieutenant Governor until he returns from his vacation in Mexico.” Kiley’s second tweet was shared by Cruz, along with his comparison of Cancn to Cabo.

Cancun is far superior to Cabo. https://t.co/qVUT9hHGik November 24, 2021 — Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) Newsom’s office told The Washington Newsday that the governor will spend Thanksgiving with his family after leading the state through the pandemic for nearly two years and following his victory in the gubernatorial recall election.

Cruz was chastised earlier this year for visiting Cancn while Texas was bracing for a freeze. This is a condensed version of the information.


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