Supporters of Donald Trump demonstrate as Jill Biden visits a vaccine clinic.


Supporters of Donald Trump demonstrate as Jill Biden visits a vaccine clinic.

When first lady Jill Biden went to encourage people to be vaccinated, a small group of Donald Trump fans and anti-vaccination demonstrators gathered outside a school in Hawaii on Sunday.

On her way back from the Tokyo Olympics, Biden stopped by Waipahu High School, where a COVID-19 immunization clinic is located.

The Star Advertiser stated that around 20 anti-vaccination demonstrators and supporters of former President Trump gathered at the school.

According to the newspaper, the demonstrators were wearing T-shirts that said “All Lives Matter” and “Trump Won.” Two more activists showed up to show their support for the Cuban protesters.

“Trump won,” one of them exclaimed.

Despite the objections, Biden, who has worked as a teacher for many years, later stated that she felt at ease at the high school.

She told reporters, “There were definitely times when you worried whether you were going to make it through all the chaos.”

Biden complimented Hawaii’s response to the virus, which he was joined by Democratic Governor David Ige. She said, “You’ve done everything you can to defend the people of Hawaii.”

Biden met one of the vaccinators at the on-site clinic, Loise Medina, 18, a Filipino immigrant who graduated from Waipahu High School in 2020 and completed the school’s medical assistant training program.

“I always strive to put in the effort that I can so that I can get to these possibilities and open additional doors that I didn’t expect to be offered to me,” Medina said, adding that meeting Biden was a privilege.

Due to the more transmissible Delta version, COVID-19 cases are on the rise in all 50 states, especially in places where vaccination rates are low.

When asked if she was frustrated by the number of unvaccinated Americans, Biden told KITV Island News, “We’re keeping on!” We’re not going to stop until we’ve vaccinated everyone.”

After attending a BBQ with roughly 75 service members at Joint Base Pearly Harbor Hickam late Sunday afternoon, Biden flew back to Washington, D.C.

Biden was in Tokyo over the weekend for the Olympic Games’ opening ceremony. Before attending Friday night’s opening ceremony, the first lady cheered on Team USA and wished them well via Zoom call from the U.S. ambassador’s house in Tokyo.

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