Student Records from 11 Years Ago ‘Answer Me Before I Hurt You,’ a school bus driver yelled at him.


Student Records from 11 Years Ago ‘Answer Me Before I Hurt You,’ a school bus driver yelled at him.

After the pupil videotaped the event on his phone, a school van driver was caught on camera verbally insulting and grabbing an 11-year-old kid.

On Tuesday, Z’Kai Jackson was on a van with other Point Quest Education students, playing with an iPad, when the driver told them to put the device away. Point Quest Education is a Sacramento-based private school that specializes in special education pupils with complex cognitive, behavioral, and emotional challenges.

“You’re acting like, ‘Hey, I’m not around them, so I can act however the f**k I want I want,” the driver raged at Jackson when the students refused his request.

When Jackson informs him that this is not the case, the driver responds, “Yes, you are!”

In the recording, the driver, who had pulled the vehicle over, is heard asking Jackson, “So, every fking time I had to tell you something, I had to call your parents? Is he the only one who can tell you some nonsense? What about your parents?”

“You don’t have to cuss at me like that,” the teenage student tells the driver at one point.

The driver responds, “Then you don’t have to f**king misbehave in front of me like that!”

As the situation worsens, the driver yells at Jackson, “Say one more fking thing” and “shut the fk up,” before being physical and grabbing him.

The school informed Jackson’s grandmother about the confrontation later that day.

“I was troubled, I was really troubled. I was upset. I couldn’t even focus at work,” Wanda Jackson told KTXL-TV.

She added that the drivers who work for Point Quest are also behavioral aides, “so that’s supposed to help them with their behavior.”

Jackson’s grandmother said the part that concerned her the most was when the driver told her grandson, “You better answer me before I hurt you.” She said she was shocked the exchange became so heated, especially since they had known the driver for the last three years.

Jackson said he was thankful he took out his cellphone to document the altercation.

“If I didn’t record, I will be in trouble; and they’ll say I did it, and I didn’t do it. So I just put it on record,” the 11-year-old told the local outlet.

According to KTXL, Point Quest has fired. This is a brief summary.


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